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A smart retrieve of a hen pheasant

Parmesan Pheasant breasts with Crispy Ham

This Parmesan pheasant recipe is perfect for a romantic dinner for two. Easy to prepare it is zingy and delicious, and a superb way to use up old ends of…

The Top 10 best pheasant recipes need the right game to start with...

Pheasant Normandy recipe

The pheasant Normandy recipe is a classic. And if you have a bottle of Calvados in the house then don't think twice. Splash it in and set it alight for…

Traditional roast grouse recipe

Traditional Roast Grouse recipe

Grouse is a bird best served in classic style. This traditional grouse recipe is the only one you need for the best of British gamebirds

Douro Valley Port

Be a wine tourist in the Douro Valley

There are few wine regions I look forward to visiting quite as much as I do Porto and the Douro Valley. The wine, of course, is unique, be it a…

Top ten trout recipes

Top 10 best trout recipes

Top ten trout recipes: Country chef Prue Coats picks her top ten trout recipes for The Field

Kilopot from The Mussel Inn


Mussels are a classic example of a shellfish that we used to eat abroad but shunned at home. Paella in Spain, moules marinières in France – yes, but the plentiful…

whisky, raspberry, mint, cocktail

Whisky cocktail

I knew I had reached West Coast  Scotland. Sun, rain and mist battled to be the prevailing weather, all within ten minutes. Dark and glistening burns tore through the moody…