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venison burger

The Best Venison Recipes Ever

Venison is an excellent and healthy alternative to beef. Here are five of the best venison recipes, from stews to burgers.

The best hip flask recipes. Is your tipple a winner? Send it in for us to judge

The best hip flask recipe – is it yours?

THE BEST HIP FLASK RECIPE It is that time of year again, when The Field, in association with Chase Distillery, search for the best hip flask recipes in the country.…

Pear brownies with hazelnuts. Delciously textured with added fruit and nuits

Pear Brownies with hazelnuts

Brownies make a delicious and portable pudding. Try this chocolatey recipe with pear and hazelnut

Traditional roast grouse recipe

Traditional Roast Grouse recipe

Grouse is a bird best served in classic style. This traditional grouse recipe is the only one you need for the best of British gamebirds

Hendrick's gin is one of the best gins to drink now

The best gins

Gin can be a real tonic, and now there are so many great brands to chose from. Jonathan Ray is your spirit guide.

Fresh trout. Delicious, nutritious and ready to cook

Trout chowder

Trout chowder is a deeply comforting dish, and one of our best trout recipes that works extremely well in the autumn months, or a chilly British summer. Paired with tomato…

Fresh trout. Delicious, nutritious and ready to cook

Trout and fried almond pâté

Trout and fried almond pâté is a great palate reviver. We have all eaten standard supermarket offerings and they tend to taste a little…eugh. But this pate really does earn its…

Top ten trout recipes

Trout in a bag

Trout in a bag may not sound glamorous (say trout a la vapeur if you prefer) but it is one of the most simple of our best trout recipes. It can…