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How to barbecue

A warm greeting to you all – well, I hope it’s warm. With the start of the summer holidays it’s the obvious time to get out the wire brushes, rehome the…

From Waitrose, Majectic and Albion Wine


The joint was jumping and there wasn’t a vicar or maiden aunt to be seen. At least, I didn’t spot one. But you never know with vicars these days. Or…

Egyptian walking onion

Egyptian Walking Onions

The Egyptian walking onion is a smallholder’s plant – which is a polite way of saying that it is untidy, difficult to harvest and an acquired taste. On the plus…


The best elderflower cordial recipe

Forget ice cream and sunscreen, it's the scent of Mike Swan's elderflower cordial that will remind you of many summers to come.


Asparagus is the best of British

Green, white, steamed or raw, with a hint of butter or doused in hollandasie; now is the time to eat as much as possible. We love it.


Colman’s Mustard celebrates it’s bicentenary

On 30 April 1814, a flour miller called Jeremiah Colman placed an advertisement in the Norfolk Chronicle. It ran: “JEREMIAH COLMAN, Having taken the Stock & Trade lately carried on…