Smoking venison at home is far simpler and quicker than you might think. Try this easy recipe to really enjoy the delicate flavour of the meat.

How to smoke venison – this is a really simple, quick and delicious meal.

Serves 6
■ 700g (11⁄2lb) loin of roe deer
venison, trimmed
■ 6 black peppercorns
■ 4 juniper berries
■ 2 tbsp Maldon sea salt
■ 1 tbsp brown sugar
■ 2 handfuls oak chippings

Start by trimming all the sinew off the loin, then crush the peppercorns and juniper together in a pestle and mortar and mix with the salt and sugar. Spread this mix all over the loin and leave to cure for two hours. After the time is up, brush off the mix.
Find a deep oven dish and sprinkle chippings over the bottom of it. Put a trivet or wire rack in the pan and lay the venison on it. Cover the top of the dish securely with tinfoil and place it over a couple of gas burners. Leave it until you see smoke, then turn the heat down to medium.
Cook it for 10 minutes and then let the smoked venison cool down before slicing it into long, elegant slivers.
This would also be delicious using wild boar but this is hard to come by over here unless you live in the Forest of Dean and are very brave.