Great British Game week is running until the 30th November. Naturally The Field has an excellent selection of the best game recipes from traditional to modern, including roast grouse, the best venison recipes, parmesan pheasant breast, partridge risotto and chilli barbecued sticky rabbit.

Try a taste of game during Great British Game Week 2014.
Other than the best game recipes The Field has to offer, people will be able to find local suppliers, special offers and events and sample mouth-watering modern takes on traditional game dishes such as venison chorizo, pheasant sausages and game pies at events which will be held around the country.

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Try game for Great British Game Week

Great British Game Week 2014 is being run by BASC’s Taste of Game campaign and the Countryside Alliance’s Game to Eat campaign. It will strengthen networks of local suppliers and link them to new consumers. Michelin starred chef Phil Vickery said: “Great British Game Week is a great idea. What I am doing is modernising the way game meat is cooked, it is incredibly versatile and very quick to cook. You can attach lots of great flavours to it from spice to sweet and fruits.  I urge everyone to try game meat.”
Annette Cole from Taste of Game said: “Game meat is more popular than it has been for years.  It is delicious. It is low in fat, high in nutrients, inexpensive and extremely versatile.  It can be locally-sourced meaning food miles are minimal”

You don’t need to go far to try a new recipe – The Field has the best game recipes on the web, right here. Game is so adaptable, and can be cooked traditionally or with a modern twist – think roast pheasant or pheasant fajitas, or Cajun venison against a hearty stew. Go to your local butcher and you will reduce food miles, support rural businesses and enjoy unadulterated meat with great versatility.

Here is our selection:

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Here is a list of events for Great British Game Week