Looking for some ideas on how to use your partridge this season? The Field's top 10 best partridge recipes will give you enough inspiration to cook these game birds with aplomb.


Here are 10 of the best partridge recipes that will ensure your partridge is perfect on the plate this season. From Spanish partridge paella to thai-style partridge curry, nothing is too outre for this little bird. If you prefer its larger cousin the pheasant, then take a look at our top 10 best pheasant recipes.

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Experienced game cooks eventually become a bit bored by the tradition French partridge recipes. It is, after all, a wonderful little bird for introducing newcomers to game. It is cheap, readily available from late September onwards, and, when on form, provides the most brilliant sport.

The thing is, it is a bit bland, a little grey, maybe a hint John Majorish. Partridge is the closest item to a chicken the game-shooting world has. We tend to be a bit hidebound when cooking our game, and partridge recipes tend to stick to the tried and tested. You know – roast partridge, roast pheasant, a bit of bread sauce, the odd chipolata, and so on. All very nice (I love old-fashioned game roasts, but not today) but as I said earlier – boring.

But wait! What is happening in the hot, passionate, southern climes lands where the fez is more common than the flat’at? Well, they shoot redlegs there as well, as those of you who have shot in Spain or Morocco will confirm. The thing I love about these countries is their unrestricted use of colour, spice and flavour. The partridge, bland little chap that he is, lends himself to vibrant flavouring. Try making at least one of The Field’s recommended 10 best partridge recipes.


So where do we start? We are going to cook our little friends in several mouth-watering ways. Chilli, garlic and green olive oil will combine with sea salt to give us a rough, pungent harissa paste that we will smear liberally over our birds before roasting them simply in a very hot oven.

Next we will make the most wonderful of stews – a tagine, redolent of saffron, white wine and filled with olives and prunes. Finally across the Gib straits to Spain, where the humble paella will cradle quartered partridges instead of ubiquitous rabbit,  and so much more besides.

The best partridge recipes are exciting, spicy and ready to cook now.