From goujons for the smalls to an impressive pie fit a festive spread, as well as the best way to prepare, roast and stuff your bird, The Field's 10 best partridge recipes offer plenty of inspiration

From family suppers to festive spreads, the 10 best partridge recipes will see you through the upcoming season and beyond. Goujons are guaranteed to be popular with the smalls, warming salads make excellent supper party starters or plump for the perfect roast come the weekend, you need never consider your partridge a bore on the plate. Or, if you prefer the partridge’s larger cousin the pheasant, head straight to the top 10 best pheasant recipes. And be sure to check out our guide to the best casserole dishes.


Partridge has much to recommend it. It makes an excellent starting point for newcomers to game. It is cheap, readily available from late September onwards and can provide the most brilliant sport. However, it can be accused of being a little bland.

But not so with The Field’s 10 best partridge recipes. This little bird lends itself excellently to exotic spices and flavours. For example, allow the Greeks to inspire your traditional roast partridge supper. Try our roast partridge stuffed with spinach and feta. Stuffing is the best way to incorporate new flavours – and the possibilities are endless. Go Italian style with partridge stuffed with aubergine, basil and pine nuts. Or give your bird an Indian twist with partridge stuffed with ginger, fennel and coriander, served with steaming, saffron rice.

Such thrilling flavours may entice newcomers to game. But nothing will put them off faster than a dry bird. Pot roasting will solve all of those problems, leaving the partridge tender and moist. Try pot roast partridge with figs, honey and balsamic. And while serving the entire bird has its splendor, as the season presses on the leg meat can become tough. Confit partridge legs with celeriac purée is the solution.

If you really want to impress, try partridge, parsnip, sweet onion and gruyere crostata. The crown-like tart will look marvellous at the center of a festive spread.

But what about the smalls? Partridge makes the perfect family supper, and partridge goujons are a guaranteed, fail-safe favourite. Or for the grown-ups, try crispy buttermilk fried partridge.

Partridge is also excellent in salad, and this warm partridge salad with crispy Parma ham is a wonderful starter for a supper party. Plus the secret splash of vodka will keep spirits high. Or put a gamey twist on a classic – partridge breast caesar-style salad will impress if you get the crunch on your croutons just right.

Game Week

Partridge goujons with quince aioli

Tom Godber-Ford Moore’s partridge goujons with quince aioli are the biggest game street food crowd pleaser. Ideal for encouraging smalls…

The best partridge recipes are exciting, spicy and ready to cook now. And for even more inspiration, look through the rest of The Field’s website.