There are pheasants to pluck and apples to pick as the evenings lengthen and the leaves start to fall. The Field's top 7 best autumn recipes are the best seasonal suppers, including the perfect roast pheasant, a sweet spread for the windfalls and a warming soup for chilly days in the field

The top 7 best autumn recipes includes The Field’s favourite suppers for early season game, excessive windfalls and the best of the season’s bounty. We have a sweet spread to pair with roast pork once the apples are picked, a warming broth to put in a flask and devour in the field and the game supper we look forward to most of all – a perfect roast pheasant.

There may be pheasants to pluck and apples to pick, but don’t forget the hedgerow. It is positively groaning with goodies. Read the 7 best recipes for your hedgerow harvest for our favourite recipes. From a soothing tea for bedtime to a delicious jam to spread on toast and a sauce for post-shoot game suppers, we have plenty of ideas.


With temperatures dropping and the pheasants flying, it’s time to serve seasonal suppers. The Field’s top 7 best autumn recipes include a warming game broth for chilly shoot days, a fail-safe venison pie recipe, the perfect roast pheasant and a sweet spread for the excessive windfalls.

7 best autumn recipes

Lebanese pheasant broth

This Lebanese pheasant broth is warming but not too filling, making it a perfect mid-morning snack as the temperatures drop.…

For starters, serve up two of the season’s biggest stars. Squash and wild mushrooms are at their very best right now. And this hare loin with wild mushrooms, pancetta, ricotta and squash gnocchi has a deliciously earthy flavour perfect for the season. But when the weather turns inclement it is essential to have a flask of soup to hand. Our Lebanese pheasant broth adds a Middle Eastern twist to your game. And there will be enough of the bird left for supper.

Or if you don’t fancy a Middle Eastern soup, how about a Mediterranean supper? Early autumn brings no shortage of partridge or aubergines, so put the two together to feast on the season’s bounty. Partridge stuffed with aubergines, basil and pine nuts adds a delicious Italian twist to your game.

For something a little closer to home, attempt the hot pies from Devon that fly off the shelves come winter. Tom’s Pies’ venison pie recipe has a signature thin and buttery shortcrust pastry and is packed with filling. And now you can attempt your own at home.

As soon as the first pheasants are bagged, thoughts turn quickly to a roast. The key to an excellent one is to maintain moisture. Dryness must be avoided at all costs. Read our top tips in perfect roast pheasant recipe, with white wine and charlotte potatoes.

And finally for pud, whisky will never go amiss at the shoot lunch – so add it to the sweet. Raid the cocktail cabinet to add some zing to our pear, ginger and whisky crepes. And at some point during the season, you will inevitably find yourself surrounded by windfalls. Don’t start a production line of pies to use up the glut. Our apple butter from across the pond is excellent for a bumper crop. Best spread generously on hot, buttered toast, added to a stew or as a condiment to roast pork.