If you plan to flambé a pud this Christmas without the exertion of wielding a wooden spoon first, then there's no shame in shop bought. Take your pick from the 6 best Christmas puddings on sale this year


Preparing the festive feast can be stressful for even the most experienced country cook. So it’s best to know when to opt for shop-bought. If you missed Stir-Up Sunday this year and are still without the inclination to wield the wooden spoon, take your pick of the 6 best Christmas puddings on sale now. From traditional offerings complete with a sixpenny to a chocolatey treat guaranteed to convert the nay-sayers, there’s no need to loiter undecided during a Christmas Eve supermarket sweep this year.

If you are more likely a plump for Christmas cake than pud, read 6 top fruitcakes for festive feasting. Whether divvied up at the hunt meet or tucked in a pocket for the peg, sporting life wouldn’t be with same without it.


Large Classic Christmas Pudding, Bettys

For a fruity, festive treat, Bettys have got it spot on. Their Classic Christmas Puddings are made of the finest ingredients. Plump, juicy fruits, flaked almonds and mixed spices are soaked overnight in brandy and Yorkshire ale, before being steamed and left to mature for several months. Comes in a rather charming box, illustrated especially for Bettys.
Price: £15.95
Buy: online at www.bettys.co.uk or at any of their six cafe tea rooms

Best Christmas puddings

The classic Christmas pudding from Bettys uses only the finest ingredients – starting with golden glacé cherries, citrus peel and vine fruits.

Sing a Song of Sixpence Christmas Pudding, Cole’s

To really honour tradition, look no further than the Sing a Song of Sixpence Christmas Pudding from Cole’s which comes with a lucky sixpence coin. It is traditional to stir a silver sixpence into the pudding, to bring the finder wealth and good luck in the year to come. This delicious pudding is made from a secret recipe with copious amounts of fruit.
Price: £7.49
Buy: online at www.tiptree.com

Best Christmas puddings

Follow tradition with this pud from Cole’s, which comes with a lucky silver sixpence.

Magnificent Christmas Pudding, Fortnum & Mason

Every family is divided by those that say yay and those that say nay to the Christmas pud. Fortnum & Mason’s Magnificent Christmas Pudding will unite all parties this year. Inspired by the King George pudding,the Magnificent is infused with the esssence of autumn orchards and soaked in Armagnac, and features a silky smooth chocolate heart.
Price: £39.95
Buy: online at www.fortnumandmason.com

Best Christmas puddings

Convert the nay-sayers with this chocolate treat from Fortnum & Mason.

Hidden Orange Christmas Pudding, Waitrose

You can expect something spectacular from Heston from Waitrose – and it’s available to pick up during a panicky supermarket sweep on Christmas Eve. This Christmas pud is made from English cider and Spanish sherry, and contains a whole candied orange at its centre for a strong, citrus taste.
Price: £16.00
Buy: online at www.waitrose.com or in store

Best Christmas puddings

An entire candied orange hides at the centre of Heston Blumenthal’s offering for Waitrose.

Organic Christmas Pudding, Daylesford

Round in shape and rich in flavour, the organic Christmas pudding from Daylesford is a super choice. Handmade on the Daylesford estate from a family recipe, this pud is plump with soaked fruit, almonds and a generous dash of stout and rum. Comes wrapped in organic muslin. A gluten-free option is also available.
Price: £20
Buy: online at www.daylesford.com

Best Christmas puddings

This organic offering from Daylesford is handmade to a family recipe.

Traditional Christmas Pudding, Georgie Porgie’s Puddings

Georgie Porgie’s Puddings are all handmade and even have the royal seal of approval. The Traditional Christmas Pudding is a fantastic festive treat. Made from a unique combination of brandy, rum, currants, sultanas and raisins, ensure you pre-order now – these puds are popular.
Price: Prices start at £3.50 for 142g and go up to £28.50 for 2.27kg
Buy: online at www.georgieporgiespuddings.co.uk or call 01395 489223

Best Christmas puddings

These traditional round pudding from Georgie Porgie’s Puddings are all handmade in their Budleigh-based kitchen.