Stir Up Sunday is the time to wield a wooden spoon and make a wish, and a pud while you're at it. But don't let the Christmas pudding nay-sayers go hungry. Follow The Field's recipes for the best alternatives to Christmas pudding


Christmas pudding isn’t everyone’s favourite offering at the festive feast, but don’t let the nay-sayers go hungry. So follow The Field’s recipes for the best alternatives to Christmas pudding. With boozy brownies, a fruitcake from the WI and biscotti for the smalls, there will be a Christmas pud for everyone. Even if it isn’t an offering that can be set alight.

Country cooks will be wielding their wooden spoons for Stir-Up Sunday. But what if a homemade Christmas pudding is an exertion too far for you this Christmas? Sweep the shop shelves rather than stir but don’t loiter undecided. Follow The Field’s picks, read the 6 best Christmas puddings. No stirring required.


Boozy brownies, small-friendly biscotti, a decadent chocolate mousse and the WI’s best fruitcake recipe, the Christmas pudding nay-sayers won’t go hungry this Christmas. Follow The Field’s best alternatives to Christmas pudding and serve generous helpings for everyone.

Biscotti with almonds and orange

Biscotti with almonds and orange

Biscotti with almonds and orange are the perfect Christmas morsel. Simple to make in vast quantites, they will keep everyone…

Our fig, chocolate and cognac cake smells delicious when it is baking, but if you can resist it will keep well for up to four days and freezes excellently. It is great as part of your Christmas feasting armoury for when an unexpected guest arrives for tea. And every cook needs an excellent fruitcake recipe for the festive season. And no-one could do it better than the WI. The best fruitcake recipe was created in celebration of their centenary last year. Divvy it up as moreish morsels on the peg or at the hunt meet, or complete with white icing in the shape of ivy leaves and holly berries for the 25th.

Biscotti with almonds and orange is simple to make and ideal for the smalls. Or package up with a festive ribbon as homemade, edible gifts. Or for a more adult treat, our Christmas brownies look innocent enough but the boozy cherries will make your annual festive party a real knees-up.

And finally, for a decadent final florish to the festive feast, our chocolate, chestnut and brandy mousse is guaranteed to impress. A popular choice for a party, eat by the fire to negate the post-pudding chills from this cooler offering.