The temperatures are dropping, the evenings are darkening and the leaves are on the turn. The Field's top 7 best autumn recipes are brimming with ideas for young pheasants, homegrown windfalls and jack-o'-lantern leftovers

The top 7 best autumn recipes brings together The Field’s favourite suppers for the season. As the temperatures drop it’s time to be in the field potting partridges and the first of the pheasants. And that calls for a convivial post-shoot supper by the Aga. We have recipes for young pheasants, older birds and jack-o’-lantern leftovers. And for a special occasion, an impressive supper party centrepiece guaranteed to wow your guests.

The hedgerow is bursting with berry delights. Take a basket on your walks, pick as much as you can carry and try not to eat it all on the way home. To turn your hedgerow goodies into gifts, sloe and windfall apple cheese never fails to impress. Or if you have harvested a rather random selection, put it all in a maslin pan and make wild fruit jam. A generous dollop on freshly baked bread is our favourite shoot day breakfast.


With pheasants to bag, apples to pick and pumpkins to carve, the best suppers are seasonal. The Field’s top 7 best autumn recipes include a striking soup for chilly days, moreish muffins from the jacko’-lantern leftovers and a palatial pie for a supper party centrepiece.

For starters, our confit partridge legs with celeriac purée puts tough leg meat to excellent use. And when the temperatures start to really drop, soup is the only starter worth hankering after. Beetroot, crème frâiche and buttered apple soup is good for when you have a fridge full of leftovers. And it is a delicious light lunch on chilly days.

We’ve been waiting in anticipation for the 1 October, but hold off on your roast pheasant supper. Spatchcock your young, plump little birds instead. Our spatchcocked pheasant with lemon and herbs is best cooked on a roaring outdoor fire. Wrap up warm, feast on pheasant and toast marshmallows for afters.

No supper party centrepiece is more impressive than a raised game pie. They are wonderfully old fashioned, can easily feed a crowd and are not as daunting to make as they seem. Try Genevieve Taylor’s raised game pie when you have some time on your hands and a house full of guests. Serve steaming straight from the oven or in generous chunks as part of a cold buffet.

Or use up the last of the summer produce and the first of the autumnal offerings with our grilled venison leg steaks with aubergine and tomato tian. A modern take on “meat and two veg”, this makes a perfect supper to conclude a day in the field.

And finally for pud, this apple tarte tatin with Wensleydale cheese ice cream puts a sophisticated spin on a Yorkshire classic and is an excellent way to use up excessive windfalls. There’s no need to start a production line of pies. And devour your Halloween lantern rather than dump it. The moreish muffins from our three best pumpkin recipes will have you coming back for seconds.