This Sunday may be the day to stir, but what if one wants to savour a Christmas pud without the exertion of stirring first? Take inspiration from The Field's favourite Christmas puddings for festive feasting


Country cooks will be wielding their wooden spoons this Sunday to stir the pudding, but follow The Field’s advice if you would rather sing and savour without the exertion of stirring first. A homemade offering may be an effort too far this Christmas. But there are some rather tantalising treats on the shop shelves. But don’t loiter undecided in the supermarket. So follow The Field’s advice. We take our pick of the 6 best Christmas puddings.

If Christmas cake tickles your fancy rather more than a pud, read 6 top fruitcakes for festive feasting. Whether tucked in a pocket for the peg, divvied up for the hunt meet or the table centrepiece on Christmas day, sporting life would be incomplete without fruitcake.


Champagne Christmas Pudding, Bettys

Brand new for 2016, Bettys have put a fizzy twist on the traditional Christmas pud. As is only to be expected, the Bettys Champagne Christmas Pudding is packed with the finest ingredients. Includes cranberries, glace cherries, apricots, citrus peel, raisins, almonds and a generous dash of Moet & Chandon Champagne.
Price: £24.95
Buy: online at or at any of their six cafe tea rooms

Best Christmas pudding. Bettys

A brand new bubbly treat from Bettys.

Brandy, Port & Walnut Christmas Pudding, Cole’s

For those who will only honour tradition at Christmas time, the Brandy, Port & Walnut Christmas Pudding from Cole’s is classically round in shape and rich in flavour. It combines port with brandy, walnuts, prunes and apricots. So it is as delicious as it is warming.
Price: £7.99 for 454g, £11.99 for 908g
Buy: online at

Best Christmas puddings. Cole's

This pud from Cole’s is round in shape and rich in flavour.

King George Christmas Pudding, Fortnum & Mason

Handmade from the first step to the last, the King George Christmas Pudding from Fortnum & Mason is fit for royalty. Made with the finest ingredients, firstly Turkish sultanas, Marcona almonds, pruneaux d’Agen and real beef suet. And a generous dash each of Fortnum’s Cognac and Pusser’s Full-Strength Navy Rum for good measure. Certainly a real festive treat.
Price: £24.95 454g, sizes go up to £44.95 for 1.36kg
Buy: online at

Best Christmas puddings. Fortnums

A festive feast finale fit for a king.

Richly Fruited Christmas Pudding, Waitrose

Reached Christmas Eve and still sans pud? So Waitrose have the answer. No need to stir weeks in advance, a speedy supermarket sweep is all that is required. First made with brandy, cherries, cream, almonds and then a generous dash of sherry, this is the perfect offering to set alight on the 25th.
Price: £8.50 for 907g
Buy: online at or in store

Best Christmas puddings

No stirring required, just a speedy supermarket sweep for this offering from Waitrose.

Organic Christmas Pudding, Roots & Wings

This delicious family-sized offering from Roots & Wings is a rather wonderful finale to any festive feast. Made with only the finest hand-picked ingredients, firstly raisins, currants and sultanas are soaked in Cognac and ale. Then they are mixed with Caribbean cane sugar, fresh organic eggs, the juices of lemons and orange and zesty spices.
Price: £6 for 454g
Buy: online at

Best Christmas pudding

The family-sized pud from Roots & Wings will have everyone coming back for seconds.

Traditional Christmas Pudding, Georgie Porgie’s Puddings

So for the best handmade pudding of them all, look no further than Georgie Porgie’s Puddings’ Traditional Christmas Pudding. It is made from a closely guarded recipe and uses only the highest quality local ingredients. Even Her Majesty The Queen and The Prince of Wales are fans.
Price: Prices start at £3.50 for 142g and go up to £28.50 for 2.27kg
Buy: online at or call 01395 489223

Best Christmas puddings. Georgie Porgie's

Georgie Porgie’s Puddings are made from a closely guarded recipe that your grandmother would be proud of.