Raid the freezer and put your game to good use this summer on the barbecue. Follow The Field's favourite BBQ game recipes this National BBQ Week

It’s National BBQ Week so prepare to raid the freezer and wheel out the barbecue. The spoils of the season are not just for winter kitchen suppers, but make excellent barbecue fare too. So follow our guide to the best BBQ game recipes, including game sausages, burgers and kebabs.

Game pairs perfectly with the smoky flavours of a BBQ. But it is less forgiving than other meats, so it is important to get the technique right. Learn which cuts are best, how to prepare the meat and our best BBQ tips, read how to barbecue game.


Accompany your BBQ supper with a summer staple, made The Field way. Learn how to make homemade Pimm’s for a rather stronger version than the shop-bought stuff. Or try The Field’s ‘Reach for the Skye’ cocktail for a scrumptious blend of raspberries, mint and smoky single malt.

Butterflied leg of venison with tahini sauce. Bap.

Butterflied leg of venison

Butterflied leg of venison with tahini sauce is fantastic for larger gatherings. Make sure, once you have butterflied the leg,…

Start by giving classic barbecue fare a game twist. Learn how to make the best pheasant burgers to make your game stock suitable for summer suppers. The addition of sausage meat solves any problems of dryness. Or for game that goes with a bang, try our pheasant sausages. If you end up over-catering, they freeze exceptionally well.

Venison works particuarly well on a BBQ and offers a change from pheasant and partridge. Though muntjac is the smallest breed of deer, it is dense, delicious and packs a flavourful punch. Try our roast butterflied haunch of muntjac on the BBQ. Or there is nothing simpler than our butterflied leg of venison with tahini sauce. They are easy to throw on the BBQ and best served in a burger bap.

Pigeon is often underrated but works fantastically well on a BBQ. Make these pigeon kebabs with hare and rosemary by using a rosemary stalk as a kebab stick for maximum flavour. And these kebabs work well with any game, if you don’t have pigeon or hare in the freezer. Or for something similiar using venison, try our Lebanese grilled venison koftas with tabbouleh salad. It is a supper that demands being enjoyed al fresco.