Create your own Pimm's for a proper summer drink. A touch stronger than the bottled alternative, learn how to make homemade Pimm's for a real summer knees-up


Learning how to make homemade Pimm’s is guaranteed to make your annual summer get-together a jolly affair. Whether you want to really impress your guests or Pimm’s-o-clock strikes and you’ve forgotten to top up the drinks cabinet, our recipe for homemade Pimm’s will ensure glasses are always full. Adjust the concoction to your own tastes and you’ll never want the shop bought stuff again.

With plenty of BBQs and picnics as the summer rolls on, there are many opportunities to show off your homemade Pimm’s recipe. If you are holding a summer supper then make the fare just as impressive as the drink by following the top 7 best summer recipes. From simple strawberries with a kick to international dishes that will bring sunnier climes to the table, even when the weather isn’t being so kind, we have something for every occassion. And a non-alcoholic offering for your guests that have to drive, try the best elderflower cordial recipe. For proper British summertime drinks, only a choice of elderflower cordial or Pimm’s will do.


I have heard mention of a homemade version of Pimm’s which is stronger than the original. I have scoured various bookshops for this recipe but am unable to find it. Can you help?
WE, Norfolk

The original Pimm’s No 1 can be enhanced with the addition of gin or a glass of dry sherry; alternatively, try mixing it with champagne or sparkling wine to make a Pimm’s Royal Cup. To make your own version mix two parts of good, 40% gin with two parts red vermouth, one part Cointreau, one part port and a good dash of angostura bitters. The result is stronger than Pimm’s, and an extra splash of any of the above can be added to suit your own taste. To this mixture add lemonade, ginger ale or tonic water.