Of all the cocktails to make at home, nothing could be simpler or more satisfying than Pimm's. Skip the shop-bought stuff and learn how to make homemade Pimm's


Learn how to make homemade Pimm’s to enjoy this summer essential without sharpening your elbows at the supermarket. A word of warning though – it’s a touch stronger than the shop-bought stuff. Try our basic recipe and once confident, adjust the tipple to taste. There will never be any cause to be without the good stuff when Pimm’s-o-clock strikes ever again.

Homemade Pimm’s is best enjoyed in the garden in generous quanitites. So keep this recipe to hand throughout the summer. For more inspiration when raiding the drinks cabinet, our peach, brandy and raspberry punch is another summer essential. It makes a stylish addition to any al fresco feast. Put the ingredients in the freezer before mixing to ensure your tipple is perfectly refreshing. Or embrace the very best of British produce and enjoy your G&T in a rather fun way with our gin, tonic and elderflower sorbet. Edible flowers and mint tips make an excellent final flourish. Or for something even naughtier, our blood orange, cardamom and tequila sorbet is best served supremely chilled and with a generous, final dash of tequila.

And finally, if a break from the booze is required (rare, in our experience), the best elderflower cordial recipe is the next best option. Simple to make and as much a summer staple as homemade Pimm’s.


I have heard mention of a homemade version of Pimm’s which is stronger than the original. I have scoured various bookshops for this recipe but am unable to find it. Can you help?
WE, Norfolk

The original Pimm’s No 1 can be enhanced with the addition of gin or a glass of dry sherry; alternatively, try mixing it with champagne or sparkling wine to make a Pimm’s Royal Cup. To make your own version mix two parts of good, 40% gin with two parts red vermouth, one part Cointreau, one part port and a good dash of angostura bitters. The result is stronger than Pimm’s, and an extra splash of any of the above can be added to suit your own taste. To this mixture add lemonade, ginger ale or tonic water.