Skip the shop-bought stuff, raid the drinks cabinet and learn how to make homemade Pimm's. A word of warning - it's a touch stronger than the bottled alternative


For all jolly summer affairs, learning how to make homemade Pimm’s is a must. Whether you are hoping to impress your guests, improve upon the classic concoction or have found your drinks cabinet accidentally empty as Pimm’s-o-clock strikes, follow our recipe for full glasses and a merry crowd. Once confident with our basic recipe, adjust the tipple to taste and avoid shop-bought forevermore.

As BBQs and picnics fill the calendar, it’s best to keep this homemade Pimm’s recipe to hand for your next summer supper. But ensure the fare is as impressive as the drink, and enjoy your game fix while you’re at it. Rather than relegating the frozen stocks of game for kitchen suppers when the weather turns, pack it in a hamper or put it on the barbecue. Follow our top 7 best summer game recipes for plenty of inspiration. The perfect venison burger makes a hearty addition to a summer BBQ. Or package up our woodpigeon sausage rolls and pheasant and walnut pasties in a hamper for your next picnic.

And don’t forget the drivers in your party. For those that cannot partake in homemade Pimm’s, the best elderflower cordial recipe is the next best option.


I have heard mention of a homemade version of Pimm’s which is stronger than the original. I have scoured various bookshops for this recipe but am unable to find it. Can you help?
WE, Norfolk

The original Pimm’s No 1 can be enhanced with the addition of gin or a glass of dry sherry; alternatively, try mixing it with champagne or sparkling wine to make a Pimm’s Royal Cup. To make your own version mix two parts of good, 40% gin with two parts red vermouth, one part Cointreau, one part port and a good dash of angostura bitters. The result is stronger than Pimm’s, and an extra splash of any of the above can be added to suit your own taste. To this mixture add lemonade, ginger ale or tonic water.