It's that time of year again, the hedgerow is groaning with goodies. Take a basket on the dog walk and see what you can harvest. The Field's 7 best recipes for your hedgerow harvest is a delicious selection

The hedgerows are bursting with berry delights at this time of year. Don’t amble past on your dog walks and let it all go to waste. Go equipped with a basket, pick plenty and your efforts will be rewarded. The Field’s 7 best recipes for your hedgerow harvest will put a bountiful selection of berries to excellent use.

If you have found yourself surrounded by windfalls rather than hedgerow berries, read the 9 best apple recipes for your harvest. If your apple tree has proved particuarly fruitful, there’s no need to start a production line of pies and crumbles. Find out how to incorporate apples into every course, as well as a tea time treat and a cheeky festive tipple.


Blackberries may be a tasty treat for you and the dog when out in the field, but don’t be put off by the bitterness of sloes and damsons. With a little time and effort, they make excellent tipples and jams. Whether you want a drink for a rollockingly good knees-up, a soothing tea for bedtime, a sauce to go with post-shoot game suppers or a jam to dollop on a warm scone, try The Field’s best recipes for your hedgerow harvest.

Elderberry vodka

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Rosehip tea

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Sloe and windfall apple cheese

Sloe and windfall apple cheese

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If you resisted the temptation to make our elderflower cordial in the summer, you will be rewarded now with the deep-hued berries. Try elderberry sauce for the perfect accompaniment to a game supper. Or if you are after something a little stronger, try elderberry vodka. Simple to make and will last for months if you can resist it, this is a hipflask classic.

For a popular tipple to enjoy through the autumn months, try damson gin. A little more special than sloes, wild damsons can be tricky to track down. So if you are fortunate enough to find some, pick a plenty. Or for another great way to use up the sour little plums, try damson jam. Damsons are high in pectin so make sure you know how to judge pectin levels in fruit before you start.

Wild or homegrown, rosehips make excellent tea. For a soothing bedtime brew read how to make rosehip tea to unwind after a particuarly thrilling day in the field.

Sloes are one the most popular offerings. And your best bet if you want to astound your friends with gifts from the hedgerow. Our sloe and windfall apple cheese is a delicious and unusual accompaniment to traditional cheeses. And it is incredibly tasty with game.

And finally, if your hedgerow harvest is rather random then put it all in maslin pan and make wild fruit jam. A generous dollop on freshly baked bred is a real British treat.