Wild or home grown, rosehips make excellent tea. Make your own with The Field's recipe for homemade rosehip tea


Make rosehip tea for a refreshing afternoon drink or a comforting replacement for standard tea in the evening. Rosehips can be found growing on wild roses or you can grow your own for a ready supply of the vitamin-C dense fruit.

Rosehips can be used for jams, jellies, marmalades and even bread and pies. However the petals of the roses rose hips grown on can also be used to make a delicious jam. How to make rose petal jam will teach you how to create this delicate sweet tasting jam. Add it to home-made scones or bread as the perfect companion to your rosehip afternoon tea. For an alcoholic offering, discover how to make elderberry vodka to clear those berries out of your freezer.


Make rosehip tea

Freshly made rosehip tea in a delicate china cup.

 Last year I had an abundance of rosehips in my garden. Can I use them to make tea as at present I buy rosehip teabags? Do they have any other uses?
WG, Oxfordshire

Pick and wash a large quantity of rosehips and dry with a towel. Now dry the hips either in a food dehydrator or in the oven at 140°C/275°F/Gas Mark 1 with the door open an inch or so to allow the air to circulate. When the hips have dried place them in a food processor and pulse until you have a coarse mix. Don’t grind the hips too small as you’ll need to remove the hairs by sieving through a metal sieve; if you shake well the hairs will fall through. Place the remaining contents of the sieve in a clean, airtight container. To make tea put one or two teaspoons of dried hips in a pot with boiling water, infuse for 15 minutes, strain and drink. Rosehips can be used in pies and to make jam, jelly, wine and marmalade.