Damson gin is a popular tipple to enjoy during the autumn months. Find out how to make you own delicious damson concoction.

Knowing how to make damson gin is a handy skill, especially now autumn has begun. Sloe gin has always been a highly popular drink towards the end of the year, but damson gin offers something is a bit more special. Wild damsons can be tricky to find, so when you do find a treasure of these tiny ripe fruits make sure you pick plenty. Damsons have a distinctive rich flavour, similar but quite different to plums, these flavours enhance the sugar, making damson gin an irresistible liqueur to enjoy in good company.

Before making your own damson gin, it is important that your damsons are of good quality and not bruised. Remove the little stalks before washing then prick several times with a cocktail stick.


■ 850ml (1 1/2 pints) damsons
■ 350g (12oz) sugar
■ 1.2 litres (2 pints) Greenall’s Gin

■ A few drops of almond essence

Before making your damson gin, prick the damsons or freezer then allow to thaw so that the skins pop. Place in a large Kilner jar or glass container. Add the sugar, gin and almond essence and shake well. Shake most days for about three weeks to ensure that the sugar dissolves. Then leave for a minimum of three months but ideally six. Strain and bottle. The strained fruit is delicious when served with ice cream. Try making a decadently rich Damson Crumble also with the leftover fruit.

Damson gin can be kept for almost a year. By Christmas the damson gin will be at its peak of flavour, and ready to savour with friends. Sample the damson gin on a weekly basis and when you are happy with the result, strain through a muslin cloth and re-bottle the damson gin. When the Christmas parties begin, reach for your hip-flask and and savour every sip.