Have you harvested an enormous number of apples and are preparing to gift a crumble or pie to every family member, friend and neighbour? The Field's best apple recipes will put your harvest to excellent use

When the apples start falling from the tree, it is easy to start a production line of pies and crumbles. But their special flavour works fantastically in a variety of dishes so don’t just save the apples for that favourite pud. With light starters, gamey main courses, teatime treats and a cheeky tipple for the festive season, The Field’s best apple recipes will put a bountiful harvest to excellent use.

Having more apples than you know what to do with is a common problem at this time of year. Avoid letting them go rotten before you’ve had time to decide, read our advice on how to store apples correctly. And if your apples have not turned out quite as ripe and juicey this year, it may be a problem with the tree. Pruning a fruit tree isn’t difficult with our simple method, so read how to prune a fruit tree. All you need is a sharp pair of secateurs, a good pruning saw and strong ladder.


Use your apples in every course, not just the pudding. Or we have recipes for a teatime treat, healthy snack and festive tipple if you would like to try something a little different with a bountiful apple harvest.

Make your own cider

How to make your own cider

Cider's now rosy. Thanks to the clever marketing of the Magners brand, cider is a tipple to be seen with.…


When it comes to apples, the proof doesn’t have to be in the pudding. Our goat’s cheese tartlet with  apple membrillo shows that it could be in the starter. Membrillo is traditionally made with quince, but we’ve given it an autumnal update by using apples instead. And as the weather gets chillier, soup is the only starter worth hankering after. Our beetroot, crème frâiche and buttered apple soup is a striking colour and has a taste to match.

Use your apples in your main course with our partridge with apple and chorizo recipe. With partridge showing great sport in both Britain and Spain, the combination of British apples and Spanish chorizo seems only right.

Apples are marvellous in puds. Apple pie with Wensleydale cheese is a typically Yorkshire combination, so try our sophisticated version. Apple tarte tatin with Wensleydale cheese ice-cream is delicious and sure to impress. Or for an unexpected tea-time treat, try our twist on the classic scone. Our apple scone recipe is best served with a sprinkle of cinnamon and generous helping of clotted cream.


If you are trying to fit into your tweeds for another year, avoid the scones and cream and instead read how to dry apples. This fruity treat is as simple as it is healthy and there’s no need for any fancy equpiment. An oven and a slight draught is all that is required. And some kind of preserve should be made from every apple harvest. This winter chutney is our favourite, best with a feast of cold meats or to complete the ultimate cheeseboard.

Finally, a cheeky tipple is far more fun than another pie. Learn how to make your own cider, it’s a real crowd pleaser. And did you know that an apple, an orange, some cinnamon and a good slug of apple juice is all it takes to make Pimm’s festive? Hold back some of your apple harvest for the annual Christmas gathering. Our homemade Christmas Pimm’s is cheeringly easy to concoct and sure to create plenty of festive spirit.