There's much to think about when it comes to the festive feast, but none more so than the centrepiece. The shop shelves are laden with the birds, so The Field has done the work for you - choose from our selection of the best Christmas turkeys

The shop shelves may offer a large choice, but picking out the best Christmas turkey will make your festive feast one to remember. Choose from The Field’s pick of the best Christmas turkeys. And have it delivered straight to your front door for the 25th.

The turkey may be the centrepiece, but no festive feast is complete without a pud to set alight. Follow our best Christmas pudding and brandy butter recipes to really impress your guests. There’s just one rule: no microwaves. Or if you’re short of time, have a look at our list of the best Christmas puddings to buy.

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Organic whole Christmas turkey Daylesford

Daylesford Christmas turkey

Daylesford choose to raise Bronze turkeys because of their inquisitive nature and inclination to roam and explore. The turkeys are reared outdoors with clover-rich pastures and woodland to forage upon. This natural diet gives makes the white and brown meat second to none, with a distinctive full flavour and moist texture. Excellent served with all the trimmings if you have a full house on the 25th.
Price: £145 for 6kg
Buy: Visit Daylesford here . Delivery dates are 20, 21 and 22 December 2022 or collect from any Daylesford farmshop between 21st-24th December.

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Easy carve turkey breast – chestnut, apple & cinnamon stuffing Farmison & Co

Farmison & Co are on a mission: to encourage the nation to eat better meat. And they certainly have a super selection for Christmas, including the turkey breast with chestnut, apple and cinnamon stuffing.  Developed by their in-house, Michelin Star chef, this centrepiece will easily serve 8 – and is an option easy on the wallet.
Price: £56.95
Buy: Visit Farmison here.  Delivery between 1-24 December 2022.

Boned and Stuffed Free Range Bronze Turkey, Piper’s Farm

Best Christmas turkeys

The boned and stuffed turkey from Piper’s Farm is easier to carve, and super for serving a crowd.

Piper’s Farm mean it when they say their turkeys are properly free range. Their Bronze turkeys are a traditional, slow-growing breed, and they spend their summer outside ranging freely while being fed a natural diet of cereals, grass, nettles fodder beet and cider apples. They are allowed to grow slowly to reach natural maturity. They are then dry plucked and hung for two weeks to develop their wonderful texture and depth of flavour. The boned and stuffed turkey is ideal if you are feeding a crowd on the 25th. It has the same drama as a whole oven-ready bird, but is easier to carve and fit in the oven to feed many guests.
Price: prices start at £124 for 4kg
Buy: Visit Pipers Farm here. 

Medium turkey, Riverford

Best Christmas turkeys

The Riverford turkeys are slow-grown, organic and free range.

Riverford raise the much-celebrated bronze turkeys, a slow-growing, traditional breed, on three family farms near their base in Devon. Slow-grown, organic and free range, their medium turkey will generously feed 10-12 people, and comes with the giblets for the best, proper gravy.
Price: £114.80 for 5kg medium turkey
Buy: Visit Riverford here. Order now to book Christmas deliveries.

Cranberry burst turkey parcel, Waitrose

Best Christmas turkeys. Waitrose

This turkey parcel is ideal for a smaller gathering, with the perfect combination of sweet, savoury and smoky.

Waitrose have an enormous range turkey crowns, stuffed turkeys and whole birds, but their cranberry burst turkey parcel is an excellent choice for a smaller Christmas gathering. It would make the perfect centrepiece to a Christmas table, stuffed with fruity pork sausagemeat, draped in bacon and with a surprise, oozy cranberry centre – the perfect combination of sweet, savoury and smoky.
Price: £45
Buy: Visit Waitrose here.

Whole free range bronze turkey, Copas Turkeys


Best Christmas turkeys. Copas Turkeys

Copas Traditional Turkeys are a truly family business, loved by some of Britain’s best butchers, farm shops, delis and food halls as well as a loyal following of home delivery and farm gate customers. They continue to use the same values and artisan methods, believing that the best turkey has a long life and room to roam. They also continue to use age old production processes, including hand plucking and game hanging. Their whole Bronze turkey comes in a box with giblets, herbs, a handy receipt leaflet and pop-up timer.
Price: for a whole turkey, prices start at £98.25
Buy: Visit Copas here. 

This article was originally published in 2016 and has been updated.