The long summer months are dragging on but don't be denied your taste of game in the shooting off-season. The top 7 best summer game recipes are perfect for picnics, BBQs and alfresco dining

The top 7 best summer game recipes brings together The Field’s favourite seasonal suppers. If you think that game can only be enjoyed on a cold winter’s night by the Aga, then think again. These gamey recipes are best barbecued or packed in a picnic hamper. And the top 7 best summer game recipes will empty your freezer just in time for the start of the shooting season.

Barbecued game is delicious and could there be anything more perfect than creating a fire and cooking your quarry on it? Game is less forgiving than other meats but with the right cut, preparation and technique it will not fail to impress. Philippa Davis offers her advice on how to “up your game” on the BBQ, learn how to barbecue game. Or for more summer supper inspiration, read the top 7 best summer recipes.


Pigeon is an incredibly underrated bird. Unfairly dubbed as ‘squab’ in many restaurants, its rich, dark meat and gamey flavour is delicious. Our pigeon kebabs with hare and rosemary are best barbecued and these woodpigeon sausage rolls are a great, gamey twist on the traditional pork offering. Pack them in the hamper and they will be the talk of the picnic.

Bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your summer supper with our partridge stuffed with aubergine, basil and pine nuts. Who knows, we may have an Indian summer and enjoy September partridges while the weather is still warm. Or if not, this dish will at least bring sunnier climes to the table.

The Twelfth is nearly upon us, so join the race to be the first to put grouse on the table. Don’t fuss with a young bird at the start of the season, simply roast it and serve with bread sauce and game chips. Our traditional roast grouse recipe is the best you’ll find. Or if you are after something a little lighter for a balmy evening, our grouse salad with walnut tarator and roast cauliflower is a great starter.

Try the perfect venison burger for a cheap and healthy meal that could not be easier to make. Team with some chunky chips and the smalls will love it. Or if you need to empty the freezer before the season starts, make these pheasant and walnut pasties for a picnic. They require a little time and patience but no masterchef skills, and you could always use bought pastry to quicken up the process.