Venison burgers are absolutely delicious and make a change from the usual beef. Team this recipe with some chunky chips for an inexpensive meal that the whole family will love.

Venison mince is the best there is. If it suffers from anything, it is a lack of fat, so we will add some pork mince to help it along. It is healthy, kids love it and it is cheap.

The perfect burger
Serves 6
■ 1 bunch thyme
■ 1 bunch parsley
■ 1 kg (2lb) venison mince
■ 250g (1⁄2lb) pork shoulder mince
■ 2 eggs
■ 2 handfuls breadcrumbs
■ 1 medium chilli
■ Sea-salt and black pepper to taste
■ 2 tbsp tomato ketchup
■ 1 tbsp wholegrain mustard
■ Vegetable oil
To serve
■ 12 strips smoked bacon
■ 6 good slabs mature cheddar
■ 12 slices beef tomato
■ 6 burger buns

This could not be easier – just finely chop the herbs and put them in a big bowl with the mince, eggs, breadcrumbs and chilli. Season really well and add the ketchup and mustard. Mix very well and rest for four hours in the fridge. Form the burgers into patties by hand – about 200g (1⁄2lb) each. Brown well in a hot pan with some vegetable oil. Then place on a baking tray and cook in a hot oven for six minutes. Grill the bacon at the same time. Then lay the cheddar on each burger and cook for five minutes more until just melted. Now, build the burger with bacon, tomato and a toasted bun. The meat should be cooked but pink. Serve with crispy, deep-fried potatoes and salad.
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