Arm yourself with The Field's pick of the best summer recipes, whether you're picnicking pitchside at the polo or dreaming of a balmy supper in the garden with the rain safely kept at bay

The sun is shining and it’s time to search out the picnic blanket and fire up the BBQ. Whether you are picnicking at the polo or putting on supper for a jolly crowd at home, avoid last minute panics and a disappointing spread with The Field’s pick of the best summer recipes, from decadent oysters to pocket perfect madeleines.

Follow our guide on how to pickle walnuts and add them to your picnic basket to impress your fellow picnickers.

Rich, luxurious and decadent, lobster mac and cheese makes the most of not only the meat but the hugely flavourful shells.


1. Fried oysters and sorrel leaves in Guinness batter

Philippa Davis’ recipe for fried oysters and sorrel leaves in Guinness batter is the perfect starter for Guns who want to eat as well as they shoot. A light way to start a meal, these oysters are the perfect way to finish a successful day on the moor.

Best summer recipes

2. Wensleydale focaccia with tomato and onions

Celebrate the best of Yorkshire with this delicious Wensleydale focaccia paired with tomato and spring onions.

Best summer recipes

Best summer recipes

5. Yorkshire drop with butterscotch sauce

Yorkshire drop is a cross between a clafoutis and a Yorkshire pudding. Try it with peaches and a butterscotch sauce.

Best summer pudding

6. Strawberry and mascarpone profiteroles with salted caramel sauce

For a sweet treat that can be parcelled for a friend or packed for a picnic, try these strawberry and mascarpone profiteroles with salted caramel sauce.

7. Elderflower and vanilla madeleines

Philippa Davis’ elderflower and vanilla madeleines are simple to make at home and best enjoyed straight from the oven.

Best summer recipes