Roast pheasant is a staple recipe for any keen game chef, so an equally excellent gravy is essential. Our recipe for the best gravy for pheasant is quick, simple and delicious

A roast pheasant supper needs gravy. And fortunately, the best gravy for pheasant is simple and speedy to make. Follow our recipe and adjust the measurements until you find your perfect consistency. Some prefer dark and rich while others like pale and watery. And both work equally well with roast pheasant.

If you are still struggling to perfect your roast pheasant, follow our perfect roast pheasant recipe, with white wine and charlotte potatoes. Our secret to keeping the bird moist came about as a happy accident. And it is very easy to do at home. Or if your freezer is overstuffed, take inspiration from The Field’s top 10 best pheasant recipes. From game suppers ideal for smalls, to burgers best barbecued and, of course, the perfect roast – we have something for every guest and every occasion.


QUERY: I am a new subscriber to The Field, having signed up at Burghley Horse Trials last year. I went away with my lovely copy determined to make the most of it, so here I am. I have cooked my first roast pheasant, very tasty, but we are a gravy family and there wasn’t any. I have looked it up on the internet but the recipes are all quite long-winded. Can you help?
WF, near Newark

Some people prefer dark, rich gravy while others prefer it pale and watery. This recipe sits between the two and can be thinned if necessary. While the pheasants are resting, drain off any fat into a tin. Place the tin on two rings of a hob on a highish heat. Add a tablespoon of flour, stirring well. Now add a tablespoon of tomato ketchup, stir, then add 200ml red wine. Using a wooden spoon scrape the bits off the bottom of the pan, mixing well. Add 250ml vegetable stock or cooking water from the vegetables and a spring of rosemary, stir well and simmer for a few minutes. Check seasoning and serve.