Start the season off right with The Field's top 10 best pheasant recipes, with inspiration for warming kitchen suppers and morsels to pocket for a day in the field

The Field‘s top 10 best pheasant recipes will inspire you to greater heights with suppers, snacks and dinners. You don’t have to make the same old pheasant casserole over and over, as our dishes will show you. We’ll help you to get creative, with ideas for kitchen suppers to pocket picnics. And don’t forget to take a look at our guides to the best hampers and best casserole dishes.

Our best pheasant recipes are simple or more elaborate showstoppers — but one thing they all have in common is that they are delicious.


1. Perfect roast pheasant with white wine and charlotte potatoes

This perfect roast pheasant recipe was developed after adding wine to the pan to keep the bird moist and experimenting with different ingredients.

2. Steamed pheasant breast en papillote

French for ‘in parchment’, Philippa Davis steamed pheasant breast en papillote is wonderfully moist and tender.

Steamed pheasant breast en papillote

3. Pheasant schnitzel burger with British-style brie

Celebrate wild game and excellent cheese produced in the UK, with Philippa Davis’ pheasant schnitzel burger with British-style brie.

4. Butter pheasant and cabbage

On cold, dark winter evenings, Philippa Davis’ butter pheasant and cabbage makes for the perfect warming supper.

Butter pheasant and cabbage

5. Pheasant nachos

For a game supper that is fun, flavourful and can be prepared in under 30 minutes, Philippa Davis recommends pheasant nachos.

Pheasant nachos

6. Salt-crust baked pheasant with truffle butter

Add a game twist to your Sunday roast with Philippa Davis’ salt-crust baked pheasant with truffle butter.

Salt-crust baked pheasant with truffle butter

7. Pheasant Kiev

Pheasant Kiev is an economical and tasty dish that suits family suppers during the winter months.

Game Week

8. The Field’s Pheasant carbonara

This pheasant carbonara is the perfect comfort food supper, and even works well if the dog has mangled the bird. Try Mike Robinson’s recipe.

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9. Pheasant scotch quails eggs

You need extra patience and the touch of a fairy for Tom Godber-Ford Moore’s pheasant scotch quails eggs, but these moreish morsels are a guaranteed crowd pleaser for shoot elevenses.

10. Italian pheasant

We are often overlook Italian flavours for game, but this Italian pheasant recipe – named after Gennaro Contaldo – shows that they make an excellent combination.

The best pheasant recipes start with the best ingredients.


Pheasant is uncomplicated to cook, whether you are an experienced game chef or a beginner. It makes a flavoursome, and sustainable, substitute for chicken – use it in your favourite recipes accordingly.

Think about how far through the season it is when deciding on your pheasant dish. Dryness is a criticism often levelled at pheasant and older birds can come under this description. Long, slow cooking is the answer. But at the start of the season you can roast young birds whole.

Even the most experienced game cook can be challenged by an older pheasant’s tendency to dryness. Mike Robinson offers his useful tips for dealing with this in his recipe for the best way to cook pheasant breasts.