The first rule for this recipe is: catch your fish. The second: come prepared with a sharp penknife, matches, lemon and foil. If you can't light a fire, then a camping stove and frying-pan are essential (in which case forget the foil and just fry in the butter).


River-Bank Delight

Serves 2 – 4

■ 2-4 trout
■ Foraged herbs: wild fennel (make sure it smells like aniseed, you don’t want cow parsley or giant hogweed), wild sorrel (tastes lemony) or thyme
■ 1-2 lemons
■ 1 knob butter per trout
■ Salt and pepper

Light a fire, preferably in a pit, and burn until there is plenty of hot ash/embers.

Gut the fish and descale it.

Stuff it with your herbs (if you can’t find any, then a slice of lemon will do), a knob of butter, salt and pepper.

Wrap each trout in a foil parcel and place on hot ashes/embers.

Cook for five minutes on each side and serve in the foil with bread and butter to mop up the juices, a cup of tea or a slug of whisky.

Burnt fingers optional.

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