“Venison vs Beef” is an ongoing debate, but venison has many benefits over its bovine competitor. Venison is leaner (less saturated fat), cheaper and often has better provenance, especially if you shot it yourself or bought it from a reputable butcher.

Why venison?
With most farmed venison coming from extensively reared animals, it is not only sustainable but also better for you. Venison has the following health benefits:

More iron than any other red meat
High in Omega 3
Very low levels of cholesterol
Free from antibiotics and growth promoters
Lower in fat than chicken breast (no skin)

The deer are kept outdoors as naturally as possible, making for the most natural life possible. Increasingly popular in restaurants, supermarkets and dinner tables at home, there are ever increasing venison recipes online, but none better than these here at The Field.

If you shot the deer yourself, not can you enjoy the satisfaction of “field to plate” but also feel secure in the knowledge that you have contributed to conservation and that the animal you are eating led a free, healthy and natural life. As there is likely to be a considerable amount of meat, The Field’s best venison recipes have many different ways to enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

Which tastes better, venison or beef?
Well, obviously that largely depends on how you cook it. As a lean meat, care must be taken not to dry it out by overcooking – searing it in a pan is often all it needs. There are a huge array of venison recipes on the web but this carefully curated selection covers all the bases, from a traditional stew, a modern take on a scotch egg, curing one’s own venison, adding a Caribbean twist with Cajun spices steaks, and of course the family favourite: burgers.

Here are five of the best venison recipes from The Field: