Astronomy need not be above your head. Learn to light up your winter nights with a trek through the galaxy. Just don't expect to become a star-crossed lover!

How to make lavender sugar

Last year I dusted my mince pies with vanilla sugar, which I had made myself. Earlier this year I read an article saying that lavender sugar was also good, but…

How to store salami

It's a real joy to be able to buy a large selection of salami on the market, but I find I am given different advice on the best way to…

The rivers around Lake Rotoroa in New Zealand possess monster brown that provide some of the best fishing in the world.

The purest of canine lineages have been bred by the bluest bloods in the land, who have continuously fostered the finest lines. This is a Bark's Peerage of aristocratic kennels.

Wood fuel is a green and renewable way to heat your home and water, better yet, it is cheap too.

Mike Robinson, The Field's cookery writer, concentrates on the wild harvest at his Game and Wild Food Cookery School near his Pot Kiln pub, just outside Yattendon in Berkshire.