It seems like a lifetime ago that the last pheasant was bagged, but do you still have an embarrassing number of birds in the freezer? Rather than waste freezer space, make delicious suppers with The Field's 7 best recipes for clearing the freezer

The season is over and we’re all guilty of having one too many birds still in the freezer. Rather than wasting space, make delicious suppers with The Field’s 7 best recipes for clearing the freezer. Noone will know that they’ve been lingering frozen for far too long.

If you’ve still got a freezer stuffed full of pheasants, the top 10 best pheasant recipes should be your first port of call. We have everything from burgers to broths, and more than enough recipes to clear the entire freezer.


Whether you have an old, mangled bird, a random selection of game or more pheasant than you know what to do with, the 7 best recipes for clearing the freezer will have it all on the supper table in no time.


Mincing game with other meats is an easy way to guarantee it’ll be succulent and delicious on the table. Particularly if it has spent rather too long in the freezer. Pheasant polpette in an agrodolce sauce is essentially fancy meatballs, best served with a good glug of olive oil and lashings of parmesan. Simple, easy and guaranteed to be well received at elevenses.

But don’t limit yourself to snacking scoff to use up your frozen supplies. Save your birds for BBQ season and the possibilities are endless, however unlikely they may seem. Pheasant burgers are a particular Field favourite. Add sausage meat or minced pork to prevent them turning out too dry. And pheasant sausages are an inspired way to use up your game at the end of the season. Perfect for flinging on a BBQ, and for encouraging the uninitiated to try game for the first time.

For a hearty supper that can be cooked safely within the house, pheasant carbonara is forgiving enough for even the oldest, most mangled of birds. And if your freezer contains a rather random selection of game, it can still make an excellent supper. Our spicy game tagine is best made at the end of the season. The bright colours and spices are ideal for warding off sniffles and the inevitable post-season blues.

Tim Maddam’s gamekeeper’s pie puts a gamey twist on the traditional cottage pie. Make with whatever game meat you have, though goose breast and shoulder of venison work particularly well. And for something simple that will clear the freezer in one go, try game soup for elevenses. It’ll be particularly well received at a chilly point-to-point picnic.