Take inspiration from The Field's top 10 best pheasant recipes for warming kitchen suppers, shoot day elevenses, game for the smalls and a dinner party centerpiece

As the season presses on, it is time to get creative with your pheasant suppers. The Field’s top 10 best pheasant recipes will provide enough inspiration for even the fullest of freezers. Whether you are cooking for smalls, the uninitiated, a shoot day party or house full of guests our recipes range from simple to showstopping, and all are scrumptious. Pheasant is simple to cook, whether you are an experienced game chef or starting to learn. It makes a flavoursome, and sustainable, substitute for chicken – use it in your favourite recipes accordingly. But for something a little different, which of The Field’s top 10 best pheasant recipes will you cook first?

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Remember to follow the season when getting your pheasant from shot to pot. Dryness is a criticism oft leveled at pheasant and this is particularly a problem with older birds. Long, slow cooking is the answer. But at the start of the season, you can’t do better than roasting the bird whole. Our perfect roast pheasant white wine and charlotte potatoes is not too heavy and makes the perfect Sunday lunch before the temperatures drop.

A roast is not the only way to use the whole bird. When proper cold weather comfort food is called for, our pheasant Keralan curry is a spicy supper perfect for warming the cockles. It uses all of the meat and the carcass can be saved for stock – follow our recipe for the very best pheasant stock. Or our pheasant chilli with black beans and chocolate makes for a rich weekday offering – spicy, satisfying and makes good use of a surprising ingredient. Or for something quick yet hearty, pheasant carbonara is a long-held Field favourite for good reason.

If you have smalls to feed, pheasant Kiev is a popular supper. And it shows how pheasant makes an excellent substitute for chicken. Or put a game twist on family favourites, try our pheasant, curly kale and mature cheddar lasagne. It also makes a great shoot lunch. Our best pheasant burgers are guaranteed to enthuse smalls, whether served mid-week or saved as summer barbecue fare.

When you have guests to impress, Anna Burges-Lumsden’s rabbit, pheasant and bacon pie is the perfect supper party centerpiece. And it puts the summer bunnies and season’s bag to good use all in one go.

Finally, don’t forget about pheasant if you are serving shoot elevenses. Spicy pheasant samosas are perfect for cheering up a drab day in the field. Or if you are feeling adventurous, our pheasant scotch quails eggs require patience but are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.


Pheasant’s tendency to dryness can scupper even the experienced game cook. You can’t go far wrong with the Field’s top 10 best pheasant recipes, but there is always scope for a secret top tip. Read the best way to cook pheasant breasts for Mike Robinson’s sound advice.

Top 10 best pheasant recipes

Perfect roast pheasant with white wine and charlotte potatoes

Pheasant Keralan curry

Pheasant chilli with black beans and chocolate

The Field’s Pheasant carbonara

Pheasant Kiev

Pheasant, curly kale and mature cheddar lasagne

Best pheasant burgers

Anna Burges-Lumsden’s rabbit, pheasant and bacon pie

Pheasant samosas

Pheasant scotch quails eggs

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