Forget the Full English, trout for breakfast is a treat and should be served more often. This is perfect for those tiny troutlings so often caught in a Scottish loch. My grandson (then aged six) had his first catch prepared this way and has loved trout ever since. Easy and delicious.


Fried trout with bacon and oatcakes

Serves 1

■ 2 streaky bacon rashers
■ 1 oatcake, crumbled
■ Knob of butter
■ 1 small whole trout, gutted (and head off if you can’t bear the eyes looking at you)
■ Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Fry bacon until crispy and remove from pan.

To the bacon fat, add the crumbled oatcake and sizzle until it is browned, being careful not to burn.

Now wipe the pan out with some kitchen roll and tip in the butter.

When foaming, put in the trout and cook for three minutes on each side or until done.

Season and serve with the bacon and oatcake on the side.

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