Looking for some shoot lunch inspiration? The Field's top 7 best salads for shooting lunches will not leave you hankering after more. These robust and hearty combinations are ideal to serve when the thought of another stew sinks the heart. And act as ideal accompaniments too.

Here are some of the 7 best salads for shooting lunches that you can try at home. Some may be suspicious of salads as not quite macho enough for the guns’ lunch. Get them right, says Philippa Davis, and they’ll go down as well as the pies and stews. When guns and guests come bounding into the dining-room or bothy, ravenous from their morning’s exertions, you want them to be delighted and salivating when they spy the food. Need inspiration for yet another shoot lunch? Then lettuce begin with our 7 best salads for shooting lunches…

For the host, getting lunch right is unquestionably an important part of the day. It is also one of the few elements you can definitely control, unlike the weather, your dog or the birds. When planning the menu you are probably lucky enough not to have to worry about catering for allergies or intolerances but you do need to consider that, even in the shooting field, tastes are broadening. Pies, stews and casseroles will, of course, always go down well but just as critical is what you serve with them.

7 best salads for shooting lunches

Fattoush salad.

Fattoush salad

Fattoush Salad is great way to put your garden summer herbs and stale bread to good use. This Middle Eastern…

Having cooked for countless shoot lunches up and down the country for all ages, nationalities and ranks I can tell you, salads are in. Not a bowl of undressed leaves that’s left to wilt over lunch but platters of bright, bold flavours and varieties of texture and temperature that add taste and interest to the feast. When deciding on salads for your menu, the same rules apply as to the rest of cooking. Think about what’s in season and note what the weather is doing. For instance, my light mackerel and orange salad is perfect for a partridge-shoot on a warm September day whereas the spicy chorizo and couscous works well for pheasant-shoots later in the season when guests need something fiery to keep out the chill.

These 7 best salads for shooting lunches recipes have proved popular at recent shoot lunches.They will feed a dozen when served with one or two main dishes.