Great British Game Week is back for its fifth year from 19-25 November, so follow The Field's favourite game recipes for a week of wild suppers

Great British Game Week is back. Now in its fifth year, BASC’s Taste of Game and the Countryside Alliance’s Game to Eat are joining forces once again, and this time with a new partner, the British Game Alliance. The aim is to encourage more people than ever to try game, and suppliers and restaurants will be showing their goods with fantastic offers and events all week. So do your bit for Great British game and serve wild suppers all week. The Field’s 7 recipes for Great British Game Week include snacks for smalls, hearty kitchen suppers and something positively palatial for the weekend…

For even more game cooking inspiration, look through The Field’s website. Our top 10 best pheasant recipes, 10 best partridge recipes and top 10 best grouse recipes are a few excellent places to start.


Great British Game Week aims to encourage as many people as possible to enjoy game, and celebrate all things wild. So join the cause and serve game this week. Partridge is a good starting point for newcomers. Or show how pheasant makes a great replacement for chicken. Enjoy a week of wild suppers with The Field’s seven favourite game recipes.

Game Week

Partridge goujons with quince aioli

Tom Godber-Ford Moore’s partridge goujons with quince aioli are the biggest game street food crowd pleaser. Ideal for encouraging smalls…

Start the week with a simple, but scrumptious, game supper. Dry game is unappetising and will likely put newcomers off, but pheasant Kiev solves all problems of dryness. And it shows how pheasant can make a great substitute for chicken. Our chorizo, pheasant and prawn paella and pheasant fajitas also replaces chicken with game – and all are great suppers to serve the smalls.

For another recipe to keep the smalls happy, partridge goujons are a super snack to share. Partridge is an excellent start point for newcomers to game, and lends itself to delicious spices and flavours to have them coming back for more. People are more likely to try something familiar. What is more inviting than a goujon?

Come the middle of the week it’s time to keep spirits high. Our spicy game tagine served with cous cous and pomegranate is excellent for warding off the sniffles. It also makes great use of a mixed bag – any game will work. Invite guests that have never tried game before so they can sample a bit of everything.

Venison is lean, healthy and sustainable. And it lends itself to the exotic flavours and spice guaranteed to impress. So brighten up supper with our five spice venison with kale, ginger and spring onion – lively for the tastebuds and a winning combination.

It’s roast for a Friday night treat, but delve into the depths of your freezer for this one. An old grouse can make a delicious supper, but make sure you pot roast it. The long, slow cook will give you a succulent supper to share. Try our pot roast grouse with brandy, tarragon and wild mushrooms to show that old and young birds are equally delicious.

For the weekend, make something a little different to share on the shoot day. Pheasant samosas again show how well game works with spice, and are excellent for elevenses. A week of wild suppers calls for a little innovation, and this is a great way to use your game creatively.

And finally, for Sunday lunch serve up something positively palatial and ensure everyone gets a generous wedge. Genevieve Taylor’s raised game pie is another fantastic way to get newcomers to sample a variety of game. Serve steaming from the oven or as part of a cold buffet with a sharp cranberry sauce for Sunday lunch.