The Field Hip-flask Championships

Hipflask hooches have revived sporting souls for centuries.

The hip flask has been companion to sporting life for centuries. Tucked in a pocket and kept to hand at all time, it is essential for fighting the midwinter chill, providing extra pep and celebrating the best shot of the day. Whether you have a family heirloom, a covetable antique or hi-tech, modern luxury, the hip flask is essential kit.

And it is only fitting that this fine vessel houses a cracking brew – preferably homemade. Perhaps you are a traditionalist who relies on a generous hedgerow harvest? Indeed, you cannot go far wrong with a scorching sloe gin. Or do you prefer to add a devilish dash of surprise, with a bevvy that takes inspiration from the extraordinary?

It is these closely-guarded, secret recipes that are guaranteed to raise a smile in the field, and we celebrate the very best with The Field’s Hipflask Championships. With traditional and off-piste categories we accept every homemade brew, whether it be wild and wacky or a tried and tested favourite.

If you’ve never attempted a homemade brew, take inspiration from The Field’s recipes. Look to our previous winners for the most wonderfully inventive hooches. Or attempt some of our classic brews and you can’t go far wrong. There is no seal to the sporting bond like a shared sip, so best be certain that your offering is good one.

best hip flasks

Hip flasks have been reviving those in the field for centuries. Nothing seals the sporting bond better than the hand proffering a full flask, preferably with something homemade inside. Flasks fell into the shape we recognise in the 18th century, when they started to be made from silver (it was…

Best hip flasks

Learn how to clean your hip flask properly to prevent ever wasting a sip. Have you taken a mouthful of your best brewed sloe gin or damson vodka, only to taste a mouthful of mercury? There’s no problem with your brewing – just your hip flask. Follow our advice on…

The best hip flask recipes. Is your tipple a winner? Send it in for us to judge

THE BEST HIP FLASK RECIPE It is that time of year again, when The Field, in association with Chase Distillery, search for the best hip flask recipes in the country. Whether your hip flask recipe if traditional or off-piste if it’s good enough to raise smiles in the field then…

Winner Kate Hayward is presented with the Growler hip flask by Richard Wright, Chairman of the Northamptonshire GWCT

The Northamptonshire GWCT took inspiration from The Field’s Hip Flask Challenge  to stage their own version.     Over 150 people attended and there were 32 entries of concoctions varying from Apple and Pear Brandy, Manx Stirrup Cup to Plum Whisky.             The winner was…