Highly Commended – Off-piste

Toffee Vodka

Simon Ford

I always make my own toffee for the Toffee Vodka. I harden the toffee in the fridge then granulate it by breaking it up and shredding it.

■ 975g (2lb 3oz) home-made toffee (made using sugar, butter, golden syrup, vanilla essence or caramel and condensed milk)
■ Vodka, 3 bottles

Once the toffee has hardened in the fridge and been shredded, I put it in a demijohn along with three bottles of vodka.

I stir it twice daily for two weeks then once a day for a further two months. The secret is then in the filtering and decanting.

I use fine muslin and filter papers to get the liquid clear in two to three goes. I taste the vodka at different stages and if it needs more toffee then I put it in.

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