Serves 12
■ 1 pig’s head
■ 2 trotters
■ 2 ham hocks
■ 2 carrots
■ 2 shallots
■ 2 sticks of celery
■ Zest of 1 lemon
■ Large bunch chopped parsley
■ Salt and pepper to season

This is brawn but it’s classy. You need a really big pan and a strong and forthright heart. Start by boiling the head, trotters and hocks for half an hour to remove any scum. Change the water and simmer for six hours. Next, remove them and pick them down, removing all the gristle and leaving the lovely shards of meat. Strain the water through muslin into a pan and then reduce it by three quarters to give you the jelly.
Dice the vegetables and mix them well with the meat. Add the lemon zest and chopped parsley and season. Line a basin with cling film and pour in an inch of jelly. Add the mixture and top up with jelly to bind it. Allow to cool for 24 hours, then serve in slices with bread and butter.