Eating in game? In spring? Yes, absolutely we say. Time to empty the freezer and eat well...

The best pheasant recipes are not merely ones to try out in season. Spring offers the best opportunity to try something delicious with game…when it comes to eating pheasant look no further than the freezer. The season might seem a long way off but the birds lurking in its depths will be more than delicious when cooked right. Now, no one should be encouraged to roast a freezer pheasant. But pot roast, goujons, kievs, curries – the spicier and more exciting the better – are the order of the day.

So for the best pheasant freezer recipes read on…


With the new season in swing birds have little danger of being too old, so a perfect roast pheasant recipe is the first culinary port of call. The younger the bird the better they roast. Old birds are far better stewed.

There will be plenty of time later in the season for stewing so try something different during autumn and early winter. Pheasant Normandy is a classic recipe, and one every cook should try. Pheasant, apples, cider and a glug of Calvados if you have it to hand. Perfect.

Although the BBQ may have been stuffed back in to the shed pheasant burgers and pheasant sausages are novel ways to make use of your birds. And sublimely easy to cook on the Aga. In truth the Aga is ideal for an indoor BBQ whenever the weather turns inclement. Do you have a fabulous Aga or Aga recipe? Or a pet who loves to live by the Aga? Then why not enter The Field’s Aga competition. We would love to see some pheasant recipes among the entries.

The Aga does make the perfect companion to game cooking. Although even if you only have a hob do not be put off. The best pheasant soup and stock is easily concocted on the most basic of kitchen equipment.

And for those not keen on roasting the whole bird pheasant fajitas are a marvellous way to introduce game to the smalls. And make a quick and delicious supper too.


Even experienced cooks can be scuppered by the pheasant’s tendency towards dryness. The recipes above and below will give great results. But there is always scope for a secret top tip. Take Mike Robinson’s advice on  the best way to cook pheasant breasts.

Top 10 best pheasant recipes

Pheasant Guidwife

Pheasant burgers

Parmesan pheasant breasts with crispy ham

Pheasant Normandy

Pheasant fajitas

The best pheasant stock and soup ever

Perfect roast pheasant with white wine and charlotte potatoes

Lebanese pheasant broth

Italian pheasant

Poached pheasant with ginger, garlic, chilli and lime

And if you are keen to bring your own game to the table take a look through the rest of The Field website.

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