No-one knows how to have a ball and raise funds quite like the hunting community. The Worcestershire Hunt are the latest to bare all to keep the air ambulance flying

Country dwellers are long time upholders of charitable spirit. And none more so than the hunting fraternity. The brave souls at the Worcestershire Hunt are the latest to shed standard hunting kit to support the Air Ambulance’s noble work. From the annual BBQ to the team chase event, none were excused from revealing nearly all in the Worcestershire Hunt naked charity calendar 2018.

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Proper country sorts aren’t ones to shy away from stripping to support a cracking cause. The hunting community are a well established example of charitable joie de vivre. From The Old Berks Hunt to Readyfield Ladies, they are a game bunch. And this year’s Big Reveal calendar sees top lady point-to-pointers getting in on the action sans silks.

But it is the Worcestershire Hunt that are the latest to shed standard hunting kit. These charitable sorts are always on the look out for new fundraising opportunities. It’s no surprise that a calendar was soon mooted, but with one rule: no one was allowed to remain clothed.

The Supporters Club successfully persuaded riders, foot followers and even the photographers to strip. The result is a saucy collection of standard hunting scenes. Pictures include the annual hunt ball, the post-autumn hunting BBQ and a team chase. And even one brave photographer agreed to go in front of the lens and capture a hedge hopper, while revealing nearly all herself. “I’m not entirely sure how I got roped into that one…” she blushed.


Proceeds from the calendar will be split between the hunt and the Air Ambulance. The latter is regularly the countryside’s charity of choice. Indeed, the LRFYFC, Around the Farm and The Old Berks Hunt are just some of the discerning Dianas that have raised funds to keep the Air Ambulance flying in years gone by.

Those that have spent enough time romping the countryside, whether on horseback or foot, will know of the crucial service it provides. Its quick response to emergencies in the field, where road ambulances simply cannot access, is essential.

Donating proceeds to the Air Ambulance was an easy choice for the Worcestershire Hunt Supporters Club to make. “The Air Ambulance have helped us several times,” said calendar photographer Rachel Maddox. “So this is a charity very close to many hearts within the Worcestershire Hunt community.”

Our rapid response time to trauma and medical emergency can be the difference between life and death. That’s where you come in.

We fly two regional air ambulances, across the counties of Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland. These two helicopters provide a rapid response to trauma and medical emergencies over an area of 3850 square miles covering many of the UK’s major road networks including the M1, M6, M69 and M42. With an average response of just 13 minutes, between them they attend on average 6 missions a day.

You may well have seen us in the skies above you. We’ve saved thousands of lives in our community. We need your help to save thousands more.

Thanks to your support we have now achieved an amazing 30,000 missions

Our lifesaving missions are funded by your generous donations. We do not receive any government funding.