The Old Berks are willing to bare all to keep our air ambulances flying, with the Old Berks Hunt naked charity calendar 2016

The Old Berks Hunt have shed their standard hunting kit to reveal nearly all in the Old Berks Hunt Calendar 2016, all in aid of keeping our air ambulances in the sky. Featuring daily hunting life (minus the coverings) from the whip walking out to a particuarly brave subscriber jumping a point-to-point fence, the saucy images in the Old Berks Hunt Calendar will see you through to 2017.

The Old Berks are not the only ones to strip off for charity, plenty of country dwellers are quick to disrobe for noble causes. If you are still on the hunt for a 2016 calendar, the Warwick Rowing naked charity calendar 2016 brings together a competitive university squad determined to strike the best naked pose. Or for proof that rugby is certainly not a man’s game, the Liverpool University naked charity calendar has their women’s squad scoring a perfect try in the buff. And all in aid of fantastic causes.


Anyone in the field, but hunting folk in particular appreciate the importance of the air ambulance. The Old Berks Hunt are willing to do their all to raise funds, even if it is slightly uncomfortable riding side-saddle in the buff.


The Air Ambulance is a crucial service, especially for emergencies in the field. Road ambulances simply cannot access the countryside at the speed required but the quick response from an air ambulance can make the difference in a life or death situation.

When you’re fighting for your life, every second counts. For us, this makes every mission critical.

Each of our services works tirelessly to save lives every day. We’re here for people who are dangerously ill or who have suffered life-threatening injuries. We’re here for very poorly children who need urgent transfer to specialist care. We hope you’ll never need us, but if you do we’ll be there.

Our charity does not receive any government funding and provides all our services free of charge. We are driven by first class professionals, supported by a small army of volunteers and rely entirely for funding on generous donations from the public.


The Old Berks Hunt naked charity calendar is £13 and avaliable at meets and from the Supporters’ Club.