Row, row, row your boat. The Warwick Rowing naked charity calendar 2016 is a sure-fire stocking filler

Warwick Rowing have released the 2016 Warwick Rowing naked charity calendar, one for men and one for women. Take your pick…they make the perfect present. From pert posteriors to raucous rowing, the calendar images are good fun, with just the right dollop of naughtiness.

The Warwick Rowing Club attracts the most competitive women in the university – so we are told – and when it comes to competing with each other to disrobe, they certainly streak ahead of  the field.

For those of a less watery bent the Liverpool University naked charit calendar is available for those who like to give the ball a kick. Or the denizens of the Around the Farm naked charity calendar are definitely for the rurally minded.


Man overboard, the women from Warwick University Rowing Club have produced another tantalising naked charity calendar for 2016. The tongue in cheek images aren’t without a good cause in mind. Funds raised from the Warwick Rowing naked charity calendar 2016 will go to aid Macmillan Cancer Support. A vitally important and much needed charity.


With so many people needing the help of Macmillan cancer research it is heartening that the funds raised by Warwick Rowing will be going to help them out.

Right from the moment you’re diagnosed, through your treatment and beyond, we’re a source of support, giving you the energy and inspiration to help you feel more like yourself.We are millions of people affected by cancer, supporters, professionals, volunteers, and campaigners. Together we are all Macmillan.  MACMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT

The Warwick Rowing naked charity calendar 2016 is £10 and is available from Warwick Rowing. Posters and bonus images will also be sold alongside the naked charity calendar. So support a great cause, and brighten up someone’s day with a Warwick Rowing naked charity calendar.