The Around the Farm naked charity calendar shows that it's not just the hunting hotties who can cause a stir.

Gosh is it hot in here? Another instalment of the Around the Farm naked charity calendar hit the shelves in 2016, and is brimming with a bevy of sporting derrières and delectable sporting damsels. The 2015 calendar proved one of the most popular we have ever run in the magazine, and the 2016 version looks set to live up to the same reputation.

With fishing, frolicking and generally fieldy pastimes the 2016 calendar is available from Georgie Fenn for the rather generous price of £5 plus £2 postage. There is, in fact, no reason not to buy one, even though we are in April – that’s still eight months to go.


The Around the Farm naked charity calendar 2015 is another of the top notch naked charity calendars raising money for a good cause featured in the pages of The Field. Each month The Naked, Strewth pays homage to the thoroughly country based penchant for baring embonpoint for a good cause. This particular shooting image gives the hunting hotties at the Holcombe Hunt naked charity calendar (which has proved particularly popular) a run for their money.

The Around the Farm naked charity calendar 2015

Do shooting girls have more fun?

The Around the Farm naked charity calendar came about when Georgie Fenn had a fall from her horse in May which required assistance from the Air Ambulance Service. After a week in hospital for a collapsed lung Georgie’s mother – Mary- carried out a bit of research and found out each call out for Air Ambulance Service costs them in the region of £1700. They rely purely on donations to keep running.

So Mary organised a Barn Dance which raised £2000 and now Georgie with the help of her friends including photographer Katie Ingram has put together a rather racy but fabulous calendar.

Where it lacks in clothes it makes up for in creativity, they say.

The Around the Farm theme seemed suitable as all the calendar stars are from farming backgrounds. “And there aren’t too many passers by!” says Georgie.Any regular Field reader knows the Young Farmers have a particular penchant for removing their clothing in a good cause. Just glimpse the WFYFC naked charity calendar.

Anyone who lives, works or plays in the countryside will know the vital importance of the Air Ambulance Service. What better way to support the cause than buying an Around the Farm calendar.