Fancy look risqué on a Land Rover? Or perching on a bale with a bare bottom? It must be naked charity calendar time.

Naked charity calendars attract a horsey crowd. Whether it’s revered members of the local pack galloping hedges bareback, or reclining on a well-placed bale, horseflesh seems to breed a penchant for unrobing with panache.

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The Equine Uncovered Naked Charity Calendar 2015 is the brainchild of equestrian photographer Laura Ness, after seeing event rider Laura Collet recovering from a nasty fall at Oaksey Hosue in Lambourn. Oaksey House is a rehabilitation centre for injured jockeys.

“Although I had heard of the charity, I never realised the sheer extent of the good work that they do to restore these peoples lives until now. This is the driving force behind me producing this calendar to raise money for this charity” says Laura Ness.



We are now searching for 2015 naked charity calendars. The critieria are simple. It must be for a good cause, so any deserving charity would fit the bill. The photographs must be of good quality. And the photograher must be happy for us to use the naked charity calendar images in the magazine.


The WFYFC naked Charity Calendar is available to buy from

The WFYFC naked Charity Calendar is available to buy from


The 2014 Naked Strewth has seen a flurry of top notch naked charity calendars feature in The Field. These naked charity calendars have included the inimitable Garrison Girls raising money for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The Hotties Helping Heroes raised £9000 for Help for Heroes. The Foxy Hunters are always popular and have raised a great amount for the Air Ambulance. An invaluable service for any sportsman.

The Field gives a donation to each charitable cause for the naked charity calendars used.



Do you know of any naked charity calendars that make the grade? If you do please email Field Secretary with the details. We are searching for the very best naked charity calendars for 2015 now.