Taking the risk of giving passing dog walkers an eyeful, the charitable young farmers of Leicester and Rutland dispensed with their overalls to keep the Air Ambulance flying

With the help of a few strategically placed straw bales, farming implements and teatime treats, a group of daring young farmers have released the LRFYFC naked charity calendar 2017. The Leicester and Rutland Federation of Young Farmers Clubs are a game bunch. Even when having to request passing dog walkers kindly avert their eyes. And all to keep the Air Ambulance Service airborne.

Going sans kit is a popular fundraising bid in the field. And more often than not the Air Ambulance Service is the charity of choice. Every true Fielder knows the realities of life in the field that make their services necessity.

A fall from her horse left Georgie Fenn requiring assistance from the Air Ambulance. And the realisation a week later in hospital that they rely solely on donations brought about the Around the Farm naked charity calendar 2016. One of the most popular calendars to ever run in The Field, Around the Farm is brimming with a bevy of derrières and delectable damsels.


It’s not just the hunting and shooting crowd willing to disrobe for a cracking cause. The LRFYFC naked charity calendar 2017 saw a daring bunch of younger farmers dispense with their overalls for the Air Ambulance Service. Never has supporting our farmers been so frisky and fun.

LRFYFC County Chairman, Katy Kirkham, who joined her members and went sans kit for the camera, said “we had so much fun creating the calendar and we certainly saw a different side to each other in more ways than one. At one point, I had to apologise to a few passing dog walkers for the nudity, but to be honest I think we made their day!”

She added, “a lot of our members work on farms in the middle of nowhere and often nobody but the Air Ambulance can reach them. Each year they need to raise thousands to keep them in the air so we thought it was a charity that we wanted to support”.


The Air Ambulance Service fly two regional air ambulances across the counties of Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland. These two helicopters provide a rapid response to trauma and medical emergencies over an area of 3850 square miles covering many of the UK’s major road networks including the M1, M6, M69 and M42. With an average response of just 13 minutes, between them they attend on average 6 missions a day. They save thousands of lives a year. It is a charity close to every rural communities’ heart.

Norton and Gaulby YFC member Victoria Barnes knows first-hand how vital their service is. She was rescued by the Air Ambulance after falling from her horse. Victoria said, “I was in a lot of pain after I fell but to hear the sound of the helicopter approaching in the distance was such a relief. I was so impressed with the speed of their response, their calmness and reassurance.”

The calendar costs just £5, plus p&p, from www.leicsyfc.org.uk or call 01664 434532. The Field has contributed to the cause.

To find about more about the Air Ambulance Service, visit their website.