Shirts for shooting need to be comfortable, smart and allow you to enjoy the day's sport to the full. Here The Field reveals our guide to the best

Having the right kit is vital to a successful day’s sport. Feeling comfortable is key – not just in terms of movement and temperature but looking the part. Before you digest our guide to the best shirts for shooting, be sure to check out The Field‘s roundups of the best shooting gilets, the best shooting coats, and the best caps for shooting.

When it comes to shirts, the debate still rumbles on…plain or checked? The choice is personal and dependent on your choice of tie. If the latter is highly decorative or colourful, keep things simple with the shirt. However, something non-negotiable is to never wear plain white or any bright fluorescent colour: you may as well hold up a flag. Muted colours such as green and brown are ideal for the moor as they blend in well, and you can never go too far wrong with the classic Tattersall shirt.

Field writer Graham Downing is also a fan of a Tattersall but with some reservations. “It is the classic game-shooter’s pattern, which is perfectly suitable for most covert shooting. However, when shooting wild birds, especially grouse, the light background of the classic Tattersall design can be a disadvantage, and I would recommend a darker shirt in a less obtrusive green or brown.”

When it comes to fit, Nicole Moore offers this advice: “Generally, I tend to go one size bigger as I’m got long limbs and need additional room for my shoulder to move freely. However, I bought a shirt from Schoffel and it had plenty of stretch and fits brilliantly.” So whether you’re short, tall or in-between, settle down and enjoy our guide to the best shirts for shooting.

A classic Tattersall

You can't go wrong with a classic Tattersall - one of the best shirts for shooting

One of the best shirts for shooting: you can’t go wrong with a Tattersall

A classic Tattersall shirt from New & Lingwood (£175). It is made from 100% brushed cotton twill, with a spread collar and a single button cuff. Happily, this super shooting shirt comes in three colourways.

Best for camouflage

A brushed cotton houndstooth shirt from Farlows: one of the best shirts for shooting in terms of camouflage

This shirt from Farlows will ensure you won’t stand out from the crowd – in a good way

If you’re looking for a shooting shirt that gives a great neutral camouflage colour, this houndstooth brushed cotton shirt from Farlows (£79.99) really stands out. Made from cosy brushed cotton and with sleeves cut to an ample length and designed for good movement in the field.

An all-rounder for all occasions

A best seller from Schoffel - the

Schoffel’s Cambridge Classic Shirt (£79.99) is made with crisp 100% cotton, featuring a durable double-cuff button with an option for cufflinks. It will be as home in the office as in the field, plus it comes in five colours to boot.

Best shooting shirt for the heat

This shooting shirt comes in navy or olive (olive shown here) and is packed with technical features

This technical shooting shirt from Purdey also comes in navy

A mesh vent on the back makes this men’s technical shooting shirt from Purdey (£225) ideal for warmer climates or strenuous activity. Furthermore, a strap on the sleeve means cuffs can be rolled up and secured. It is also available in navy.

Timeless style

Another Tattersall check - this one from Oliver Brown

Quite simply, an iconic ‘Field‘ look: Oliver Brown’s Tattersall check shirt (£89) is a winner. It is available in other colours and will take you from breakfast, the shooting line and onwards to supper with ease and style.

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