Whether you have inherited a pair that need some TLC or simply want to stay at home in style, follow our top tips on how to clean velvet slippers

Velvet slippers are an essential for staying at home in style. If you have inherited a pair that require some TLC, do not leave them to fester in the attic and collect dust. Keeping them looking brand new takes no time at all, and doesn’t have to cost a penny. Follow our top tips on how to clean velvet slippers, perfect for decadent padding around the house.

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I have recently been given a pair 
of velvet slippers. They used to belong to a dear friend, who had the same initials as mine; the initials are embroidered on the front. I would like to wear them – they will serve as a nice reminder of this person – but they could do with a little TLC, any suggestions?
AD, Gloucestershire

To keep velvet slippers looking good, steam them over a hot kettle holding them at a distance; this works extremely well if you want to refresh the nap. Also, brush them gently with a soft brush in the direction of the pile after steaming. Store the velvet slippers in a dust-proof bag, which can be purchased from a good hardware store, to help with their longevity.