There's no need to dispose of your favourite wax jacket, even if it has sustained a bit of wear and tear from the season. Follow our guide on how to repair a wax jacket


It’s inevitable that a favourite wax jacket will sustain wear and tear from a busy shooting season. But there’s no need to dispose of just yet – one should always hold on to a favourite. If your trusty shooting coat is on its last legs, follow our advice on how to repair a wax jacket. This will see it through a few more seasons at least.

For more advice on how to keep your favourite wax jacket in tip top condition season after season, follow our steps on how to replace a heavy duty zip. Zips are rather fiddly, but certainly not a reason to dispose of a trusty shooting coat. Follow our advice to ensure you are never landed with the tricky task of replacing a long-held favourite.

And for more tips on looking after your field kit, if you have been fortunate enought to inherit a horn-handled walking stick, don’t leave it at home for fear of damaging it. They are suprisingly low maintenance and easy to look after. Follow our advice and read how to look after a horn handled walking stick.


I have recently torn my favourite old wax jacket. Although it is really beyond repair it still works for me, except for this recent damage. Would you know if there is a way of mending it discreetly without incurring a large bill?
EE, by email

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