Never dispose of a Barbour just becasue the zip has gone a bit skew-whiff. Find out how to replace a heavy duty zip and keep you kit functioning.

Knowing how to replace a heavy duty zip can be very useful if your eveyday jacket is on its last legs. Follow our useful advice on how to replace a heavy duty zip, and you will never put a country jacket to waste.

Losing a zip isn’t the end of the world. But the useful gentleman should know how to fix it. And while contemplating where to get your kit repaired scrub up on Field fashion and take a look at what a gentleman should wear. Quality will always reign over quantity.

QUERY: I have a Henri Lloyd wax jacket that is getting on a bit. The zip has become separated at the bottom and I cannot reconnect it. I need a source of heavy-duty zips. I have tried the internet without success. A local shop will put in a replacement if I can obtain a suitable zip. I would be grateful if you could assist.
JT, by email


ANSWER: Field readers recommend several methods concerning how to replace a heavy duty zip.

At the moment Henri Lloyd does not offer a repair service but recommends LSR Repairs and Outdoor Gear, which can replace the zip at a cost of £37 plus £8 p&p to return the jacket. The firm suggests you send the jacket with your name, address and telephone number and details of your requirements. Call LSR Repairs on 01282 439109 or visit Bespoke zips can be bought from A&N Trimmings, which offers a heavy-duty zip in golden brass or antique brass. You can select colour, width of teeth (eg in a No 10 the teeth are 10mm wide), zipper function and length. Price depends on specification but is likely to be less than £20 with delivery from three to four weeks. Call 0121 771 4040 or visit

Once your zip is back on track, and your wax jacket feels as good as new, find a copy of the latest edition of The Field, and find out the latest Field fashion…