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Roy Bebbington with his female goshawk

Glorious Goshawk

Dame Juliana Berners wrote, in the Boke of St Albans, of the allocation of species of hawk and falcon to their corresponding human ranks in mediaeval society: And yit ther…


Can the RSPB work with gamekeepers?

The merlin, Britain’s smallest raptor, is doing well on managed grouse moors. The respected British Trust for Orni-thology maps the bird’s distribution in England regularly, while the Moorland Association (MA)…

Merlin thrive on grouse moors

Gamekeepers praised for conservation of merlin

The British Trust for Ornithology’s Atlas data shows that merlin numbers have significantly increased on moorland managed by gamekeepers in the last 20 years and conversly fallen by a similar…

Nic Fiddian Green Studio at Masterpiece London

Nic Fiddian-Green at Masterpiece London

Masterpiece is a show like no other and this year has brought the artistic process as well as its product to the Royal Hospital Chelsea. The Sladmore Gallery has recreated…

From Waitrose, Majectic and Albion Wine

When to drink sherry? Every day

The joint was jumping and there wasn’t a vicar or maiden aunt to be seen. At least, I didn’t spot one. But you never know with vicars these days. Or…

E. M. Reilly & Co.

AUCTION: Holt’s Modern and Antique Guns 19 June 2014

A rare Holland & Holland 12-bore 1911 patent ‘DUPLEX’ choke boxlock ejector ‘Aero’ gun goes under the hammer at Holt’s with, even more rarely,  an original ‘Zeppelin’ cartridge. Designed for…

Working dog retrieve

Dog insurance

Five years ago, on a bright spring morning, I met up with friends to walk our spaniels on Dunwich beach. My seven-year-old springer, Fleur, was on fine form but just…

VIDEO: Hunting for Cape buffalo in Tanzania

VIDEO: Hunting for Cape buffalo in Tanzania

Hunting for Cape Buffalo in Tanzania is high on most hunters wish list. But these mighty animals are one of the most aggressive and deadly. They can stalk you with…

Video: Rowing at Henley, 1961

Video: Rowing at Henley, 1961

Whether you are oarsman or spectator, the vibrant display of blazers at Henley in 1961 is still echoed at the Royal Regatta today.