David Tomlinson

David Tomlinson

Highly regarded writer and ornithologist

Retriever. A golden retriever

Retrievers don’t have to be labradors. The flatcoat was the Downton Abbey gundog and Edwardian gentleman’s favourite retriever. Every 10 years for the past four decades a friend has bought…

It pays to have dog insurance. Five years ago, on a bright spring morning, I met up with friends to walk our spaniels on Dunwich beach. My seven-year-old springer, Fleur,…

The Downton Abbey gundog: a flatcoat

The Downton Abbey gundog - What would Lord Grantham have used as a gundog? A flatcoat or a labrador?


Dogs are great levellers. Picture the scene: you have gone to the local country fair and paused to watch the gundog scurry. The standard isn’t high, so you decide to…