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GUNDOG CLASS: Retrieving

Even the crème de la crème of top professional retriever or spaniel trainers would agree that handling a gundog is not rocket science. For a start, much as we love them,…


Prepare your gundog for a scurry

Dogs are great levellers. Picture the scene: you have gone to the local country fair and paused to watch the gundog scurry. The standard isn’t high, so you decide to…

Roy Bebbington with his female goshawk

Glorious Goshawk

Dame Juliana Berners wrote, in the Boke of St Albans, of the allocation of species of hawk and falcon to their corresponding human ranks in mediaeval society: And yit ther…

Working dog retrieve

Dog insurance

Five years ago, on a bright spring morning, I met up with friends to walk our spaniels on Dunwich beach. My seven-year-old springer, Fleur, was on fine form but just…


Breeding or choosing a puppy

It’s a conversation anyone who has travelled in a gun bus will be familiar with. “That’s a nice-looking bitch you’ve got there. Are you planning to breed from her?” “Funny…

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Hawking with Dogs

Successful hawking depends on cooperation between a sporting dog and bird of prey. Hound, raptor and man working together to hunt fur and feather

German longhaired pointe

Sporting dog: German longhaired pointers

Many HPRs excel at hunting and pointing but fall short at retrieving. German longhaired pointers are superb at all three. David Tomlinson thinks these pointers are magical.