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Hawking with Dogs

Successful hawking depends on cooperation between a sporting dog and bird of prey. Hound, raptor and man working together to hunt fur and feather

German longhaired pointe

Sporting dog: German longhaired pointers

Many HPRs excel at hunting and pointing but fall short at retrieving. German longhaired pointers are superb at all three. David Tomlinson thinks these pointers are magical.

Dog wearing electric collar

Dog training collars

Dog training collars can help those dogs who persistently offend in spite of training: electric collars, one that sprays or a canine sat nav can be used when dog training

Oscar by Kate Brooks

Dog Portraits

Dog portraits by animal loving artists make the best reminders of faithful hounds. Here are the best for dog portraits.

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Gundog class: training puppies

When to start training a gundog puppy is the million-dollar question. Janet Menzies believes that putting in the groundwork to establish the basics will pay dividends in the field later…