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Gundog grooming. Spingers on the grouse moor.

Gundog grooming – top tips and techniques

Gundog grooming is completely dependent on the breed of your dog. Labradors might only require a quick brush, while the long locks of the spaniel will require a bit more…

Should your gundog live in or out.

Should your gundog live in or out?

Should your gundog live in or out?  It’s the great debate between professionals and amateurs. Both sides are entrenched in their views. Amateurs tend to prefer gundogs that live in.…

The sealyham terrier. looking for rats on pond

Sealyham terrier: a real rat catcher

We want a sealyham terrier. Who doesn’t? These small, white ratters are full of pep, but when ratting with terriers, which terrier is top? The sealyham is definitely in with…

Retriever. A golden retriever

Retrievers. Is it time to change your labrador?

Retrievers don’t have to be labradors. The flatcoat was the Downton Abbey gundog and Edwardian gentleman’s favourite retriever. Every 10 years for the past four decades a friend has bought…

21 best crossbreed dogs. Labradoodle.

21 best crossbreed dogs

21 best crossbreed dogs for working in the field and at home. Your taste may run to the Downton Abbey gundog, or a labrador when breeding or choosing a puppy.…

Working dog retrieve

Dog insurance

It pays to have dog insurance. Five years ago, on a bright spring morning, I met up with friends to walk our spaniels on Dunwich beach. My seven-year-old springer, Fleur,…

The Downton Abbey gundog: a flatcoat

The Downton Abbey gundog

The Downton Abbey gundog - What would Lord Grantham have used as a gundog? A flatcoat or a labrador?


Dog theft prevention

Labradors and cocker spaniels continue to be the two most popular breeds of dog in Britain – and where there is desirability, crime is never far behind. Growing concern over…

gundog class- retrieve your brain 1

GUNDOG CLASS: Retrieving

Even the crème de la crème of top professional retriever or spaniel trainers would agree that handling a gundog is not rocket science. For a start, much as we love them,…