How many pigeon have you shot to just two cartridges? Peter Gibson wrote in to The Field (see the March issue for the full letter) saying that one morning he shot at pigeon that had been on a nearby maize field, and picked up seven birds after firing just two shots.

Have you bagged more than that with the same number of shots, or achieved something similar? Comment (below) or email The Field to let us know.


From Mike Eatly, emailed to The Field

A friend of mine,
Jason Hillyard, had occasion to fire two barrels into a flock of
pigeons in order to protect a field of oilseed rape during the recent
snowy snap. The resulting pick up was 27 head. Now that must be a


From Ben Pledger and Ben Jackson, emailed to The Field

We were out having a drive around the farm (just north of Liverpool docks). We spotted a flock of ferral pigeons on a field of beans. We crept up to the hedge line and both loaded up. Both of us shot both our barrels together and ended up with 21 dead on the ground with the first four cartridges. As ferrals decoy so well, we ended up with a bag of 71 after about 20 minutes, at one point having seven dead in the air for four shots! I’m sure we’ll never repeat this.


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