Michael Yardley

Michael Yardley

Mike Yardley finds that he doesn't miss much with the Rizzini Grand Regal 28-bore — and it puts a smile on his face.

Fast handling yet controllable, this lightweight, deep-scroll engraved addition to the Beretta stable shot well and offers value. Mike Yardley recommends it, especially for those of smaller stature

This 32in-barrelled behemoth is designated a ‘sporter’, although while putting it through its paces Mike Yardley thinks it could also suit high bird work, with slight modification

Michael Yardley is pleasantly surprised by the Franchi Affinity 3, which he finds well put together and solid — despite the garish finish

Guerini Forum 32in 20-bore

There is much for Michael Yardley to consider as he reviews the Guerini Forum 32in 20-bore. Does he prefer the 30in or the 32in? For more from Guerini, read about…

Side-by-side shotgun

The side-by-side shotgun should not be consigned to the history books, argues Michael Yardley. Though the ‘traditional’ sporting weapon, it has much to offer the modern gun. The question of…

Piotti 32in over-and-under

Inspired by the Perazzi MX8, the Piotti 32in over-and-under is a bespoke gun, and Michael Yardley finds himself impressed. For more gun reviews, the Silver Pigeon is Beretta’s most popular…

Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon III

It’s Beretta’s most popular model and over a million made to date – but is the Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon III the best yet? Michael Yardley certainly thinks so. For…