Michael Yardley

Purdey 20-bore sporter review

A fine over-and-under shotgun made with Pergugini & Visini, this sporting gun is still a Purdey

Beretta's best-shooting sporting gun to date proves the Italian gunmaker remains on top form

This 20-bore side-by-side sidelock ejector from William Powell shoots splendidly, thanks to good design coupled with gunmaking that’s sound in all departments

Modern airguns.

The modern airgun is a sophisticated tool and the weapon of choice for professional vermin control. Perfect for shooting magpies and rabbits around the garden

If your shotgun is lighter is it easier to shoot or should game shots follow clay shooters by choosing a heavier gun whether it's a 12-bore or 20-bore?

This side-by-side droplock shotgun by Westley Richards is a lightweight 16-bore and sweet to shoot

Mike Yardley immediately feels comfortable with the Beretta Jubilee 12-bore. He considers the Beretta Jubilee 12-bore the best of the 600 series.

THE FIELD tests Percy Stanbury's own 12-bore Webley & Scott shotgun, silver ovals recording Stanbury's many championship wins crowd the gun's stock