Shots looking for days offering good value and quality birds are increasingly turning to pigeon shooting in the UK. Morton Jack embarks on a tour of England to find the pigeon guides who are able to provide hot-barrel sport

Pigeon shooting in the UK is becoming increasingly popular. More Europeans are arriving on our shores for exciting sporting days that promise quality birds at good value for money, and British guns are catching on as well. Morton Jack packs his bag and sets out on a tour of the UK to find the best spots and the best guides.

The Field’s pigeon shooting calendar is invaluable for guiding you through a year of pigeon shooting in the UK. Pigeon shooting is popular all year round but spring promises the best sport, so brush up your knowledge on when to shoot pigeon and over which crops.


Game-shooting costs seem to be rising all the time. More Europeans are coming to the UK for sport their own countries deny them. Up until now pigeon-shooting has been a regulation free shooting haven of wild and challenging birds. Is the market-place waking up to the good value and quality of pigeon-shooting, and is the sport about to change forever? I toured the UK to visit some pigeon-shoot guides and find out.


Follow in Morton Jack’s footsteps and enjoy some of the best pigeon shooting in the UK.

Box Farm, Castle Street, Marsh Gibbon, Bicester, Oxfordshire OX27 0HJ
tel 07831 195736
Guided day: £175, High season: £200
DIY pigeon day: £70
Observer or non-shooting guest: £40 per person per day
Personal “In-the-hide” tuition: £75

tel 07881 348081
Single day pigeon-shooting using your own equipment: £105 per person
Single day pigeon-shooting equipment supplied: £165 per person
1:1 in hide tuition: additional £95 per person
Hire guns: £30 per person

Note: guides can often arrange transport, accommodation, rent guns/ammo and other shooting. Mixed-bag days are available – see the websites or call the numbers provided for details. To join a woodpigeon club, call BASC on 01244 573000.